Thursday, November 30, 2023
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On St. Patrick’s Day, Drink Straight From the Tap

four black cats drinking from faucet
Have a drink with family and friends.

Especially if you’re the Parched Puddies having your daily drink in the mint green sink! They’re not Irish and neither am I, but when you’re getting together with family and drinking from the tap in the presence of something green on St. Patrick’s Day…well, we non-Irish have to improvise.

I ran this last year on St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s still too good not to share again! All four do this every day—including this morning—in fact doing their best to lead me back upstairs after breakfast to turn the faucet on to a drip so they can drink. Just this morning the light was perfect* and all four were drinking at one time, plus you can actually see the faucet (a little) and tell it’s a sink. They’re pretty big and block a lot of the view.

*Photographing black cats in natural light is a trick, and many of the other photos I have of them drinking in the sink—or doing anything as a group, for that matter—often turns out as a black blob with eyes and ears if I’m not careful. It was often difficult to tell what was in the sink, let alone the number of cats.

But the sun was bright that day and reflected off the white walls in the bathroom and I finally captured one of my favorite moments with these four.


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12 thoughts on “On St. Patrick’s Day, Drink Straight From the Tap

  • @MyKinKStar, I can picture just what you’re describing! We’re about the same age and our bath was just a generic ranch house thing but I loved everyone else’s big square sinks and tubs in beautiful colors, and those tile combinations–blue and maroon is still one of my favorites, on and of the wall! I got these from a salvage place and I actually got one of those big square tubs too, but we’d have had to take the wall out of the bathroom to get it in there–those were deluxe and I could picture black kitties all over it. The white tub is good for photographing black cats too.

    Thanks for visiting!

  • How perfect. Totally understand about the light, I’m glad you got a good shot of it

    • Connie, my house is small and rather dark so I spend far too much time photographing them and experimenting, but it’s worth it for one like this.

  • Angelica

    the picture is great. I have a tuxedo and it is so hard to photograph them so i am really impressed. they are so sweet

    • Thanks! You have to have a bright room with reflected light or light from two sources to adequately photograph a black animal, especially cats since they’re so small and there’s so much contrast between their eyes and fur. A flash is too much on shiny black fur!


    WELL DONE With the photograph PLUS i cannot believe they do things together – – so sweet! and i LOVE that you can tell them by their tails. Do you have four total? i always forget!

    • Tamar, when all four get together they weigh in at around 50 lbs. of black cat, so when they choose to do something as a group it’s hard to miss. I really thought they’d pair off and they do, but the drink together every day, just like this, they often nap together as in “Four-leaf Kitties” and they all sleep with me every night. But in silhouette, tails, ears and noses are most distinctive and their tails are each very different.

  • Kimberly Helgeson

    OMG! That is amazing! Just had to throw the OMG out there. I have three kitties and only two fit in the sink at one time and one of them usually push the other out. By the way, I have the same green fixtures in my 1950’s house. I keep thinking I really need to change them out but there is nothing wrong with them, so, there they stay.
    Black and green go so nicely together anyways….. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!
    Thank you for sharing. All of your posts are uplifting and a blessing.

    • Kim, thanks for the wonderful compliment on my posts!

      As for the green bathroom fixtures, I chose those when I had my bathroom renovated two years ago! Of course, the rest of the bathroom is white so the green isn’t so overbearing, and it does look sharp with the black cats. Somewhere way back in this blog I explained that they actually grew up in that bathroom before it was renovated because it was the safest room for four tiny kittens, and all the faucets leaked, so I think they believe it’s still their playroom and drinking out of a dripping faucet is normal.

    • MyKinKStar

      My Daddy built our house, the year or so before I was born in 1957, and my bathroom was that exact same color! The sink was squared the same way, and it had those metal legs too! He designed the other bath in blue, with maroonish colored border tile all around, and it was my favorite. The tub was square, with seats made into each corner, and there was a built-in vanity and mirrors on the wall instead of a medicine cabinet. It was the perfect bathroom to hang out in as a teenager hung up on getting everything just right!

      Ah, but about those cats of yours: They are sooo cute and yes, their black and that green is just perfect for today! Happy CaTricks Day!

  • I really loved “Four-Leaf Kitties” but this one is still pretty amazing. I enjoyed it last year, too, but I forgot to ask who is who….

    • I love how they still do things together as a foursome. It’s Giuseppe, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsetter. I know them by their tails.


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