Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Occupy The Bed

four black cats on bed
Occupy the Bed

Well, they peacefully camp out there and they refuse to leave, fighting for their rights in this house, especially the right to the bed whenever they want it and in a way that is comfortable for them.

I really prefer to see my bed made up neatly, really I do, but there is always at least one cat who disagrees and often all of them do, and they occupy my bed, and I lose.

Well, they are the 87.5%.


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9 thoughts on “Occupy The Bed

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  • Harmony in black and white. You’re brave using white linen with black fur. We finally succumbed to crazy cat lady status with flannel leopard print linen for the winter.

    • Layla, my bedroom is too dark for any sort of print, so I just have a pile of white bedspreads from yard sales that I wash all the time. It makes for the best photos too!

    • The Fantastic Four do everything together and are well aware of their influence!

  • Nothing like a blanket of cats to keep the winter cold at bay!

  • Karen

    Ha, this looks a little like my bed! If I don’t pull the blankets back up, mine all want to be on the sheet itself rather than the fleece I have on the top of the comforter just for them. If I leave the curtains open, the bed gets full sun all day and they are all (an unamed number) over it while I am gone at work. It is fun. I would send you a picture but then I would be the “crazy” cat lady instead of just the cat lady!

  • Susan Stoltz

    It’s hard to make a bed that has so many happy occupants curled up in it! My kitties love to help me change the sheets. It’s a wild game where we ALL wind up with big hair from all the static!


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