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O, sole mio!

black cat looking out of window
Giuseppe spent a lot of time looking out the window toward the northwest today.

I had to wait ALL DAY for my valentine to arrive! First, the mail thing was late, then Mama Bernadette was “too busy”—imagine that, TOO BUSY to open my valentine from Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite which I’d waited WEEKS to receive.

I looked out the big window toward the northwest knowing that Mlle. was up there somewhere. Then I curled up on Mama Bernadette’s lap for some time, knowing that I had the best chance of getting my valentine immediately upon its arrival.

black cat on lap
Giuseppe trying to act cool on my lap today.

FINALLY, it came in the mail. I don’t have thumbs. I can’t open the thing. I don’t want to damage it and risk missing a word of Mlle’s message. FINALLY, I just sat on mom’s desk and blocked her view of the computer, and looked pointedly down at my valentine.

black cat sitting with paw on envelope
Giuseppe demands we open his valentine.

Then I rubbed my nose on the corner of the envelope, catching just a trace of Mlle.’s scent.

black cat rubs nose on card
Giuseppe nuzzles the corner of the envelope and looks at all those cool Canadian stamps.

Then she opened it up and I caught a whiff of Mlle. and looked at the lovely photo on the front as I dreamed of what she might have to say to me…

black cat looking at card
Giuseppe studies the image on the front of the card, dreaming of Mlle.

SHE ASKED ME TO BE HER VALENTINE!!!!! My sweet precious sleek black belle femme Mademoiselle Daisy Emerald Marguerite from the Canadian town named for kings next to the great river—and surrounded by eligible black cats who actually enter her home as guests—wants me to be her valentine!

black cat reads inside of card
Giuseppe reads Mlle.'s message, over, and over, and over...

Ah, I fill my body with her scent. I know she placed her paw right here…

black cat sniffs card
Then Giuseppe breathes in Mlle.'s scent from the inside.

Here is what Mlle. had to say…the poor boy swooned.

text inside card
What Mlle.'s card said...

So should I pack my bags now? How long do you think it will take to get to Kingston?

black cat looking up
So when are we leaving for Kingston?

Kitties in love…Giuseppe doesn’t want you to think he is expecting his mature and experienced French Canadian love to do all the work in this relationship. He was a little preoccupied with his elder sister and his Mama Bernadette, and Mlle. understands that was all much more important to her beloved Giuseppe Verdi, and all the more reason for sending a valentine to him.

But our good-hearted G.V. is not without ideas and has decided to send Mlle. a gift for the room which is hers in her apartment. He heard her bed is red brocade and dreams of cuddling with her in that bed someday. But he asked his Mama Bernadette to send one of her prints to Mlle. so that Mlle.’s mama can hang it over the red brocade bed…

matted print
Giuseppe has made a gift to Mlle.

Catch up on the affaire between the young American cat, four-year-old Giuseppe Verdi, and his mature French-Canadian admirer, 12-year-old Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite. It is sure to be a good show when the Valentine arrives.


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16 thoughts on “O, sole mio!

  • Linda Chapman

    I truly love this story! Long distance love,,,ah!! Looking forward to seeing the print Mama Bernadette will be sending to your love Giuseppe! Am sure she will love it. Am sorry to have missed sending you Valentine wishes to you and your other siblings! Looks like you had a great day though! Love sent to all! Including you, Mommy! <3

    • Linda, the ongoing saga of Giuseppe Verdi and Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite…soon I’ll wake up to find maps all over my desk and Google Earth on my computer…

    • Just wait until we receive more photos of Mlle. in her red brocade bed. He’ll be hitchhiking to Kingston!

  • Ah, Guiseppe, you have such a beautiful, romantic heart! Mlle Daisy is a lucky kitty, indeed.

  • i love this!!!! beautiful valentines story!!! xoxoxoxo Kitty love!

    • Oh, I have to record him singing in the stairway, in his castrati voice…

  • Giuseppe would like to remark that he was not properly dressed for his Valentine assignation, missing the red bow-tie his mom had promised he could wear…

    • Perhaps like Barrett and Browning they will one day disappear and turn up in Italy, happily married and writing love poetry.

    • My sweetest most beautiful love Mademoiselle Daisy of the Emerald Eyes, as lovely as a flower Marguerite, you have always been my Valentine, even on other days of the year!


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