Monday, March 4, 2024
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Now it’s Cookie in the Studio

tortie cats in studio
Cookie in the tool tray—a new room to try on for size?

Since I’ve been spending more time in the studio lately, and Kelly has too, Cookie has decided to “try some things on for size”. I guess she’s getting a little bored with the kitchen.

Here she has tucked herself, well, most of herself, into the tool tray on the edge of my worktable. The thing is 4″ wide; needless to say, Cookie is wider than that. But no matter to Cookie, she can make anything comfortable, letting her paws dangle out the end, casually crossed, stretching one hind leg and her tail behind her.

She is very pleased I purchased the Nile green work lamps in the background. They match her eyes perfectly.

Kelly is busy bathing. Kelly’s motto has always been, “When in doubt, wash.”

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4 thoughts on “Now it’s Cookie in the Studio

  • Cat Rule #1 – If I Fits In It, I Sits In It. “Fits” being loosely enforced…

    • The first time I read that on your blog I burst out laughing–it’s so true! I tell Cookie about that all the time!

    • Christine, I think Cookie pictures herself as a lithe and willowy lady…


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