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five black cats
Five neglected black cats.

We let Mama Bernadette out to run to the grocery store, and she totally took advantage of our generosity. She was saying something about photos not turning out the way she wanted, and things not getting done on time, and she needed to do some “art”—like she doesn’t do that all the time!

We knew she was out of that yummy stuff she puts in whatever that hot stuff is she drinks every morning, and we know how much she likes it so we let her go and get it.

We should have known when she packed her pack and took her bike that we might never see her again.

Worst of all, it’s a very special day for Giuseppe and Mademoiselle, and he has been waiting ALL DAY for her to transcribe his message to Mademoiselle. We are sure Mademoiselle has lost all faith in her mancat.

Jelly Bean, I know you’re hoping she did, and I know you’ve been teasing Giuseppe about that all day—don’t act like you’re worried about him, because we all know you’re not.

You’re the one who’s in the doghouse—you really are! If you wanted to take a break, you could have petted us nicely for a long time, and played with us, and gave us our treats, and that would be a break. Instead you went off for ever and you came back smelling of really bizarre things like fish and mud and weeds and geese!

So I took a roundabout way to the grocery store.

We waited for days for you to come back! We were starving! We were looking out of every window for you! You probably took years off our lives.

black cats with feathers
Giuseppe and Bean get a nose full of fresh goose feathers.

I had to wake you up when I came back. And I brought something home for you guys.


Fresh feathers.

Big feathers, with fuzz.

Freshly-shed goose feathers.

They still smell like goose.

How do you know what goose smells like?

Mama Mimi told us. When do we get our new feather toys?

Was that worth me being away for a few hours this afternoon?

You painted things that weren’t us.

That happens. I wouldn’t have found the goose feathers if I hadn’t.

But did you have to take so long?

And then Mimi still got to go outside with me while I finished up what I’d started earlier.

But you still didn’t write to Mademoiselle for Giuseppe.

Go have another nap, and it will be done when you wake up.

. . . . . . .

I did take an unintentional break today, and whenever you are reading this, where I am it’s 11:10 p.m. and I’m just getting to post something today! I really did run off to the grocery store after a few things weren’t working well this morning, and I did take my bike, fully intending to ride around town with my camera and do a few plein air sketches—and that I very much did. And I waded in the creek and saw the great blue heron, and found a back yard where people feed the Canada geese and rode around the streets with no traffic on Sunday, and I did get to the grocery store and get my half n half and came home with groceries and wildflowers and goose feathers and neat rocks and three sketches and 1GB of photos. It was a great day. Then I took the photos I needed to under Mimi’s supervision and got some work done again later. I’m still behind in everything, but it doesn’t matter as much.

Now to the important stuff for today!

I’ll be posting the sketches on my blog Today either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to scan them.

Below, what they really did while I was away this afternoon.

five black cats on the bed
They slept all afternoon.

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17 thoughts on “Neglected

  • Maureen Chatwin

    I love this. I just saw a “Funny Cat” post about people talking to their cats, which we ALL do, but you have perfected the art!!

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  • I totally believe them!! I’ve been neglected too. I’ve had to go and fend for myself!!!! Humans!!!

    Austin the Forgotten!

    • Austin, it’s horrible here–how can she forget five of us all at the same time?!

    • Your “counter surfing” title deserves more than just a repin.
      I find it positively riveting.

    • Thanks,Layla! And that counter is just barely big enough but I certainly can’t miss their point.

  • It looks like they all passed out from starvation there! Good thing you got home just in time!

    • Island Cats, I made sure I photographed the effects of my neglect so that I’d never forget!

  • Oh but we TOTALLY believe them. They were half DEAD from STARVATION, they were. We kittehs KNOW these things, yes we DO! (Mommy, stop rolling your eyes RIGHT NOW! *stamps paw*)

    • Oh, we’ve heard about your human–we don’t think you have her trained well enough, but then there are five of us, and only one human here.

  • Truly, you are all hedonists! Half-and-half! and goose feathers!

    • But it’s organic and locally produced! And the feathers are naturally shed!

      • so, philosophically speaking, ethical hedonism.

        • I guess that’s not an oxymoron, but don’t ever ask me to live without my half n half, that would be truly unethical.

  • Of course they did, but they still needed to try to make you feel guilty. Those were some darn nice geese fearers you brought home. Hope the troops eventually show their appreciation. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Kitties Blue, I didn’t warn them about my intentions because then they would have SENT me on a guilt trip instead of giving me one!


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