Neatly Folded Cats

five black cats on the bed
Neatly Folded Cats

The effects of a dark, rainy morning: five black cats neatly organized in two groups to sleep on the bed.

After taking up most of the space on my desk this morning, they all disappeared upstairs and tried to get me to lie down with them when I went upstairs. Later, this is what I found, and they didn’t even open an eye or flick an ear when I got my camera and walked around the room, trying to get the best angle on a shot of them all. I turned on all the lights in the room in an effort not to use my flash.

But they did make me think of folded, sorted laundry ready to be put away.

black cats sleeping on bed
Strewn on the bed.
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One thought on “Neatly Folded Cats

  • April 18, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Gosh, what good kitties they are to let you take those pictures. And what a great picture. All those lovely black kitties all folded up. Terrific.


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