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Muse Medallions in CWA 2019 Communications Contest

black cat with award
Looking direct.

Mimi is pleased to present our Muse Medallions in the Cat Writers’ Association contest. She feels purrsonally responsible for the award in Fine Art because she is the subject of the work, and without her it would just be a bunch of flowers and who would be interested in that? So she proudly accepts the award.

black cat with award
Mimi is very proud of her Muse.

The other Muse was for this very blog! The Creative Cat won the award in the “general” category. And, of course, Mimi feels she is responsible for and has inspired a good bit of the content here, and she would actually be right about that especially if you count her children. I am also very proud of that Muse because there are so many blogs and so much incredible content and hence so much competition. Despite my posting absences lately, I plan my posts to give you a variety of content and subject matter that is educational, entertaining and informative, and quality photos and art. Mimi is humbled by this award too.

black cat with award
Looking humble.

I had planned this photo to have me sitting on the chair with Mimi on my lap and possibly wearing her Muse, and me holding the print of the artwork—the framed piece was a little too big when I was planning to use the timer on my camera and would be running back and forth. I introduced Mimi to the chair and she enjoyed her visit, then left and took some coaxing to come back and stay. After seeing what a purrfessional did, I thought I was entirely unecessary!

black cat with award
Looking dignified.

She gave the chair a face rub and thought she had done enough.

black cat with award
Some face rubs.

But I just wanted one more where she looked relaxed. That took a lot of petting and praise, but then, as always, she did, reading my mind, and gave me all these wonderful photos of her being her sweet self.

black cat with award

The Muse™ Medallion is awarded to the entry in each category receiving the highest average score from three independent judges. All judges are volunteers and are Professional CWA members. To become eligible for a Muse™ Medallion, each entry listed has received an average score of at least 90, and has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

The MUSE™ Medallions and special awards are usually announced at the annual conference, but the actual conference was canceled and replaced with a very fun three-hour live award presentation on August 8 to be watched on Zoom or Facebook Live. The theme was “From Glammies to Jammies” and I found it fun to watch the presentation and marveled at how volunteers in the organization had scripted and organized it.

About “Mimi in the Formal Garden”

The art print and greeting card design.
The art print and greeting card design.

This painting was actually commissioned by the Cat Writers’ Association to be used as the art for thank you cards to give to donors and sponsors.

Mimi and I would also like you to know that the original of this painting is still available, and also prints on paper and canvas. And I’m currently working on gift items with this painting too.

Click the image to read more about it on, or read Mimi in the Formal Garden Commissioned Painting here on The Creative Cat to read about the painting.


Certificates of Excellence

This is information about the certificates of excellence, and about this year’s contest.

"Stained Glass Feline Family", pastel, 12" x 28", Bernadette E. Kazmarski
“Stained Glass Feline Family”, pastel, 12″ x 28″, Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Results from judging the Cat Writers’ Association 2019 Communications Contest are in. My works have won eight Certificates of Excellence this year, a mix of essays and articles about pet loss and TNR, commissioned artwork and portraits, and this very blog too. Three were for fine art, and I’ve won my fifth Certificate of Excellence each for this blog and for my annual series of cover illustrations and designs for the Klepto Cat Mystery series.

I am proud to enter my work in the annual Communications Contest given by the Cat Writers’ Association. I have entered materials in this contest since 2007 when I won my first awards. This very blog won a Muse Medallion for entertainment in the 2011, 2013, and 2016 and a Certificate of Excellence in the 2015 Communications Contest and this year as well, along with a number of articles, photos, and pieces of artwork.

Certificates of Excellence

Each entry was independently judged by three Professional CWA members. Winning a Certificate of Excellence means that the average of those three judges’ scores for the entry is 90 or above — a high bar to cross!

All certificate winners

I have been sharing some of these in separate articles to give them their due, and will probably continue to do so, but each one is also linked.

Written Article: Feline-Human Bond (medium length)
Certificate of Excellence

Written Article: Rescue & Advocacy (long length)
Trapping a Mother Cat Using Her Kittens
Certificate of Excellence

Written Article: Rescue & Advocacy (medium length)
Stray and Feral Cats and TNR
Certificate of Excellence

Blog/Website: General
The Creative Cat
Certificate of Excellence (my fifth for this blog!)

Illustrations (Series)
Klepto Cat Book Covers 33–40
Certificate of Excellence (my fifth Certificate for these covers!)

Fine Art
Stained Glass Feline Family Commissioned Portrait (above)
Certificate of Excellence
Commissioned Portrait Trio, Lucy, Ethel and Bubba
Certificate of Excellence
Mimi in the Formal Garden Commissioned Painting
Certificate of Excellence

About the CWA

Conceived on November 21, 1992, the Cat Writers’ Association is a worldwide, 300 members plus organization comprised of a wide variety of talent, supporting evolving mediums and platforms such as Fine Arts, Journalism, Social Media, Graphic Design, Writing, Radio, Television, Videography, Podcasts, Websites, Blogs, Photography, Illustration, Cartoons, and so much more! Their goal, whether through humorous and lighthearted pieces, to serious, highly technical information is to improve the quality of cat information for the general public and to inspire, educate, and inform.

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All images and text used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission, although links to your site are more than welcome and are shared. Please ask if you are interested in using and image or story in a print or internet publication. If you are interested in purchasing a print of an image or a product including it, check my animal and nature website Portraits of Animals to see if I have it available already. If you don’t find it there, visit Ordering Custom Artwork for more information on a custom greeting card, print or other item.

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  • Con-cat-ulations on your Muse Medallions, Bernadette, to you, and to Mimi also!

  • Double Muse congratulations from all of us, that’s wonderful and Mimi, you done good sweetie!

    • Thank you, Brian! I couldn’t do it without little Mimi cat!

  • B, on a stolen cell ewe lar dee vize, as we say, heer in de land o trout, because I did
    not want to wait to say many congratulations headed your way on all your awards
    as well as the two muses, ( that mimi is was and always will be responsible for. ) buzzed
    happy for you, they are WELL deserved my friend. very very happy for you. stay healthy
    and safe and conga ratz once again❤️❤️❤️

    • Hey, thanks for stealing a cell phone to con-cat-ulate me! We are very proud, and are always working toward even more great stuff!


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