Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Mr. Sunshine’s ManCatCave

black cat in green bag
Mr. Sunshine in his ManCatCave.

He’s got one, he’s not sure what to do with it, but he can always sit in it and look super-cool and enigmatic. Mr. Sunshine thinks of himself as the James Dean kind of a kitty. Not sure where he gets the idea. But the green bag sure beat the heck out of the pink and purple butterfly.

It’s a big green non-woven shopping bag that a customer gave to me to reproduce the artwork for printing. I put too much into it—the bag is HUGE, what else would I do?—and both handles came off. It’s come very much in handy for several days now to amuse a clowder of black cats, thereby keeping them off my desk for most of the time I’m working.

But Mr. Sunshine wasn’t sure how to decorate his mancatcave, though I did find a catnip candy cane in there. He ended up with everyone in there at one point or another, then today I saw all four of them sleeping on it, flattened. So much for the mancatcave, but Mr. Sunshine felt pretty cool for a few days there.


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5 thoughts on “Mr. Sunshine’s ManCatCave

  • Amazing how cats love small spaces, until you produce the carrier to take them to the V E T. lol

    • Carolyn, you’re exactly right! And it doesn’t matter if you leave the carrier out and they sleep in it every day, they know when it’s time.

  • I apologize for all the typos earlier! There is a lag while I’m typing on WordPress, no matter the browser I’m using, and I’m often a whole line ahead of what’s appearing on the screen. On top of that, I must proofread on paper, not on computer, so I have to print out my draft. I apparently posted before I did my corrections, and did not update–this happens now and then when the phone is still ringing even in the evening, which it was tonight!

  • My cats sit in my shopping bags as well. But they don’t look that cool as mr. sunshine. 8)

    • He is one cool kitty when he’s in something, even the drawer in the bathroom the other day.


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