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Mother and Child Reunion

two black cats
Mother and Child

Giuseppe lowers his head, Mimi lifts herself up on one paw to wash Giuseppe’s forehead. Just a tender moment between the two; of all, Giuseppe likes it best when his mom washes his face.

What makes this work for me isn’t just the loving interaction between the two, but the big splash of sunshine that luckily shone down in the little space between them, highlighting Mimi’s torso and outlining Giuseppe’s profile. Of all the photos I took of the two of them this is the only one where anyone but me could tell what was going on.

I also tried it in black and white. I often prefer these types of images in black and white because the distraction of color is missing, leaving only the composition of shapes and shadow and highlight which tends to emphasize the main subject, Mimi and Giuseppe. Not sure, see below.

two black cats in black and white
Mother and Child in black and white.

But this particular black and white looked too stark, so after playing around with all the filters and other ways of adding tonal color I added a slight color filter, using yellow to subliminally carry the idea of the bright sunlight and the warm tones in their fur. I like this the best.

two black cats bathing
Mother and Child, yellow tint

What do you think? Don’t forget, if you want a constant source of creative inspiration share your life with a cat, especially now during Adopt a Cat month. Any color and pattern of cat is beautiful, but I have always been inspired by the silhouette nature of black cats, as if I’m watching their actions from a distance and seeing only the graceful feline outline. Even if you don’t paint or photograph, they are just so lovely to look at.

And I’m going to have to break my habit of quoting these old pop songs when I title my photographs.

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3 thoughts on “Mother and Child Reunion

  • Susan Stoltz

    I love the space between Mimi and Giuseppe, which is accented best with Mimi’s mahogany tone in the first picture but I like the overall composition best in the third, yellow tinted photo. I am so intrigued with black cats! I’ve had at least one black cat in my life since I was ten years old. It’s amazing how much color you can see besides the black… of my black kitties had a blueish tint in her shiny, elegant fur. What a wonderful moment between the two cats that you captured so beautifully! I LOVE the titles from old pop songs too… need to break that habit!

  • I love the mahogany tones in the original (although the yellow and green out the window is a bit distracting). Of course I’m VERY partial to black cats (especially the mama and the big little brother of Angus and Donal).

    • I love Mimi’s mahogany tones but I like the tonal one, and I think I’m going to assemble photos of the black cats, each with a different tint. Sometime in this lifetime…


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