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Mewsette’s Profile

black cat profile
Mewsette’s profile.

How can I accomplish anything with such beauty in my world?

Profiles  always seem enigmatic portraits of a subject, a minimalistic, almost symbolic description of the most recognizable part of a subject, the face. And it’s no less with the five black cats in this house, especially the Fantastic Four who are all about the same size, but have completely different profiles. It’s one of the ways I recognize them one from another quickly.

Mewsette is a good profile subject as she often sits in meditative fashion, lost in her own thoughts. Her profile is characterized by a rather blunt nose, short muzzle and smallish ears, on the other end of the spectrum from her brother Giuseppe with the more elongated Oriental features. But I have always enjoyed Mewsette’s roundness, combined with her thick plush fur, making her, of course, irresistably squeezable, which gets her a little upset. I keep it to a minimum.


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