Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Mewsette is Being Teased…

two black cats wrestle
Mewsette is tired of her brothers teasing her!

“Stop it!”

“Mewsette has a boyy–friieeend!”

“Shut up!”

“Mewsette’s in loooovve!”

“I’ll fix you so you hit those high notes all the time!”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell because the Four do wrestle and chase frequently, but I realized Mewsette was the target more often than usual. Then gentle, playful Mewsette was giving her brothers a go I’d never seen, like tackling Jelly Bean from above.  Why?

Later, I saw Mewsette gazing out the window from atop the same box…

black cat watching out the window
Mewsette watches her suitor cross the street.

I stood up to look outside and saw…

black cat on porch
320 Cat gazes up adoringly at Mewsette.

Oh, now I get it. This guy appeared a few weeks ago to Mewsette’s very puffy less-than-welcome. Now he’s back at his post watching for Mewsette to appear in the window.

When he first appeared I wondered if perhaps he thought this was where the black cats were supposed to live, or that someone told him to sit on my porch and look innocent and I’d take him in. I’ve since identified him as 320 Cat, though I still don’t know if that was his home.

So Mewsette is not quite as puffy at his arrival and worship of this rough and ready rogue, but still not welcoming. I can’t wait to see if he begins leaving little gifts. Her brothers are relentless, as brothers can be. We’ll see how often 320 Cat shows up and what becomes of this little affair.

Well, two of four lovely and eligible black kitties have suitors, as Giuseppe has his belle dame Mlle.  Daisy Emerald Marguerite. Mama Mimi is not surprised that her perfect children are so desired.


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3 thoughts on “Mewsette is Being Teased…

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  • It’s not surprising that Mewsette has a suitor – after all, Mimi was the Belle of the Ball in her day. Like mother like daughter!

  • 320 Cat is very handsome, Bernadette. I think that he and Mewsette would make a very elegant couple. All the makings of one of those great film love stories….But I also think that he has been told that your home is Black Cat Central and that you have a 5-star rating.


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