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Memorial Day Cat Adoption Special at WPHS

adult cats in cages
The adult cats at adoption event.

$0 Adoption on all cats over the age of 6 months…that’s right, adopt an adult cat for free!

“We are absolutely overflowing …” says Gretchen Feiser, Director of PR and Business Relationships at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. “I have over 200 cats ready for adoption and many more that need a foster home … The Western PA Humane Society’s North Shore and Fallen Timber Shelters are BOTH FULL of felines!”

A few days ago, she noted that the WPHS was taking in 50 to 60 cats PER DAY. Obviously, the situation is desperate, and cats must be adopted or fostered.

Normal adoption rules apply.

  • complete a cat adopter survey
  • adopting a cat (6 months or older)
  • lease must clearly state cats are permitted (pet deposit paid if applicable)
  • limit to two adoptions per household
  • must have photo id with proof of residence

Fee waived adoptions limited to shelter locations only.

Can’t adopt? How about fostering?

kittens back
Four kittens from the back of the cage.

Fostering cats saves more lives than you might imagine. Nursing mothers with kittens can relax in a quieter atmosphere than a shelter, and kittens grow up much more acclimated to a home and so risk fewer behavior issues. You can nurse a sick animal back to health in less time than it would take in a shelter. And there are always the neonatal kittens and puppies who need to be literally nursed by a human because they’ve lost their mom.

And last but not least, when cage space is at a premium animals are welcome to go home with a loving family for a two week cage break to enjoy themselves with a family, leaving space for other homeless pets.

All fostering is done with the assistance of the clinic at WPHS, which provides any veterinary care or medications the animals would need, and the animals return to the shelter to be adopted. Young animals and mom cats return to the shelter when the time is right for spay and neuter, ill animals only when they are well, and adults who need a cage break remain on the adoption list even while they are in a foster home.

Here is the link to information on fostering for the WPHS:

No room in your inn, but still want to help?

I can understand that one—at the moment, I have no extra space to foster and I feel really bad about that! But you can still help by encouraging others to adopt or foster, or donating money or food so WPHS can carry the overflow of animals and cover the cost of care and meals.

Here is the link to make a donation:, but to donate food or goods please contact the shelter to see what they need: 412-321-4625.

NOTE: the cats pictured in this post are not currently adoptable cats at WPHS but are my own file photos from offsite adoption events and at the shelter.


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