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Meet Three Little Kittens for Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month and I’ll be featuring several cats and kittens who need homes.

orange kitten
Hi! My Name is Dumplin’ and I’m a little girl.

Today, meet Dumplin, Snowball and Max! Who could resist?! Help a generous family who rescued three kittens, nurtured and cared for them at their own expense though they already have six cats.

white kitten
My name is Snowball and I’m also a little girl.

The kittens say, “We are seven weeks old. One male and two females. We have been coddled since the day we were found under a bush on a hillside. The Doc has checked us over and declared us healthy. We love to be fussed over and would like to stay together if at all possible. The nice people who found us already have six indoor cats and are hoping that we can find a home as loving as the one that we are visiting now.”

tabby kitten
And my name is Maxwell or Max and I’m the little brother.

I can tell by what “the kittens” had to say that these three have been well-loved and are very well-socialized, and no doubt their rescuers will be very careful about who will adopt these kittens.

I was just saying I haven’t lived with an orange kitty in a while and here’s a little Dumplin’, and I still miss my white kitty, and there’s a little tabby who’s going to be very clearly striped when he grows into his fur.

So even though there are so many cats and kittens in shelters during this time of the year, sometimes it’s nice to reward an individual who went out of their way and helped to take the burden off of the shelter system both physically and financially.

Anyone interested can either email them at [email protected] or call Mimi or John Foertsch at  412-854-5632.

I can relate to this—I’ve found and rescued plenty of kittens and adult cats, caring for them at home to keep the burden from the shelters and covering the expenses myself. What did we do before the internet helped us find homes for the cats we’d rescued?!


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