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Meet Teena Tiny, Who Is Not a Farm Cat!

dilute calico cat
Meet Teena Tiny!

This lovely mature gold-eyed dilute calico/tortoiseshell kitty was resident on a farm when the owner Holly Jo bought it and moved in a year ago. They never learned anything about Teena Tiny except that she was once an indoor pet, then she was left outside, no word as to the conditions of that. They would be happy to keep her, but she is fearful of their cats and stays outside, but she is declawed. Outdoors, they also care for a feral colony they brought from the city.

dilute calico cat
Teena Tiny being petted.

“Because she was declawed by her former owners, and is defenseless, Teena Tiny is not barn cat material, and we would love to see her in a home where there are no other cats,” said Holly Jo. “I don’t know how she does with children or dogs, but she doesn’t seem aggressive—just afraid.”

As you can see by her photos she is friendly and doesn’t mind being picked up and petted.

The farm is in Armstrong County (in Western Pennsylvania), and when they moved from Squirrel Hill (in Pittsburgh) in the summer of 2011 they are no stranger to keeping cats, both indoors and out. They had been caring for a stray/feral colony in Squirrel Hill, and when they packed up and moved themselves they also moved and confined, then released their ferals who decided to stay on the farm.

“We would never have left them behind—we had been caring for them since their mama brought them out of hiding as kittens,” Holly Jo said. “We had mama cat spayed, but she eventually passed away.  Tucker and Shadow are the ferals from the city.” There had been three originally—one, Little Boo, was hit by a car right before they moved so they buried him there.

dilute calico cat
Teena Tiny in the driveway.

“We also have Tigger, dumped here, and Patches, dumped here and Teena Tiny.

“We welcomed another cat into the barn from the Homeless Cat Management Team. We took a big tomcat who was part of a group HCMT had gotten out of some trouble where someone there was trapping cats and turning them in for euthanasia. He came to us for confinement on March 25, 2012 and three and a half weeks later was released—and he has done great! His name is Gilligan.

“As well as Teena Tiny, that’s a total of six barn cats. Plus one dumped rooster! Yep. It’s lively!” Holly Jo finished.

If you think you can give Teena Tiny a home, please contact Holly Jo Wood.

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These kitties have also been rescued, spayed/neutered and have shots and tests, but are living outside, fed and cared for by their rescuers.

Torties Amelia and Emily Would Like A Home of Their Own

tortoiseshell cat on brick wall
Elegant Amelia
tortoiseshell cat
Playful Emily.

Here are two torties who have been spayed and have rabies vaccinations, etc. and are being fed but are living outside. Amelia and Emily are around 2 years old but very sweet.

Bring Some Sunshine Into Your Life

white cat with orange spots
Sunny was named for his friendly and cheerful personality.

Sally did right by him, socializing him, feeding him, getting him neutered and veterinary care through a TNR service as you can see his ear is tipped.

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