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Marketplace: To February 28, 25% Off Select Original Feline and Nature Artwork

Avoiding the Photographer, watercolor, 12 x 18 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
Avoiding the Photographer, watercolor, 12 x 18 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Last week I shared the available framed feline original art, and this week I’m also sharing my nature and wildlife art. These framed originals are ready to go, and 25% off through the end of this month, February 28.

When you purchase an original you make a significant difference in our operations here, and right now care for my cats is at issue, from Morty to Mr. Sunshine’s tests to Mewsette’s dental and a senior exam for Mimi. It also helps me when creating new art to make room and send one of my favorites to a new loving home, just as if it was one of my foster cats.

Plans for new artwork going well

two black cats on cat tree
The boys enjoy their new used cat tree.

My 2023 plans for new artwork are going well—almost to my surprise considering Morty’s condition and the flood in my basement. But my hour or two in my studio with Morty and Mr. Max gives me a break from worries and lifts me in a way I can’t even describe. I’ve always known my cats love my demeanor when I’m creating and I’m happy with what I’ve created, so whether I’m in my upstairs studio or my basement studio or my computers, they are with me on this.

Moving Morty and Mr. Max in to my studio scrambled my workflow with the need to change the activities I can do in there now—no work on tabletops to avoid persistent paws, no paints or adhesives to avoid extra cat hair in things—and then folding up my drafting table and moving in the cat tree stopped me from working on my table media—watercolors, ink, pencil and other media I typically produce on a flat surface which permits me to sit down rather than spending all day on my feet, left me feeling kind of lost and got me way behind in my schedule.

But the clear space that move created around my easel is what has enabled me to create more artwork more easily, and removing whole categories of products I make and framing to the basement enables me to focus on my art in a way I haven’t experienced since before I started creating handmade gifts at the rate I do today.

In Thursday’s Daily Photo post I shared a brand new painting that I just finished that afternoon, “Big Blue,” a painting I’ve been visualizing for seven years, the fifth painting, including book cover illustrations, I’ve finished since the beginning of the year.

More new feline artwork coming up!

Now today I plan to start a new feline painting, one I’ve been visualizing for over 20 years! I hope to have it ready to share as my March featured artwork…next Wednesday. If I need a few more days, I’ll let myself take them, but even with the garden pulling me outdoors and a few other projects, I don’t see a problem. And I can’t wait to see this painting develop and see it finished. I compare it to a sort of travel and the anticipation of going on a little vacation and exploring a place I am familiar with but getting to know it better.

Purchasing originals

Why spend extra money on an original when a print looks nice enough? Looking at the original artwork that was done by hand is very different from looking at a print. I’m careful with preparing my images for prints and they are faithful reproductions, but the original always has more depth and dimension, even though it’s a two-dimensional work. You get a piece of my inspiration when you get an original painting, one of the moments I stood on the landing and sketched Giuseppe and Jelly Bean on the bed, or when I watched the snow on the trail and tried to capture the feeling of a quiet, heavy snowfall.

Original art is a very special gift to give as well, and maybe someday they’ll even be considered an investment.


A selection of framed original artwork 25% off

This Shining Night

Last week here I shared  the available framed feline artwork, which is also shown below. But I also want to share my available nature and wildlife artwork with a link to my post on Portraits of Animals.

Fifteen paintings are available there, and also the one at left, “This Shining Night,” which was in a show where it was for sale until this week so I didn’t include it to avoid possible conflict.

Below is a gallery of a few of the other paintings that are available. Click the gallery below or here to visit the post where you can read more about this artwork.


Nature artwork gallery.

Available Framed Feline Artwork

Six original artwork paintings and five block prints are discounted 25% with discount code ORIGINALART25 through February 28, 2023.

Since I’ve not only been participating in vendor events but also in art exhibits my original art is often tied up in those events and I can’t offer general discounts. Works entered in exhibits nearly always have to be for sale, and shows may last for weeks or months. So I’ll occasionally be offering a limited selection of works with a discount to make sure I’m not trying to make my art be in two or three places at once!

Click each image below to visit the post and read more about the painting.


Sunbath, framed.
Sunbath, framed.

Scroll down for more information between each image.

Some of these images are blurry because it’s phenomenally difficult to photograph through glass! When you click on the image here the post you’ll go to has clear images of the painting without a frame.

Mimi's Little Visitor, framed.
Mimi’s Little Visitor, framed.

My original art can be hard to find, and sometimes that’s what people come here to look for. So once or twice a year I offer a discount on a selection of original artwork, be that seasonal or themed in some way.

Warm Winter Sun, framed.
Warm Winter Sun, framed.

I don’t always frame artwork right away because I don’t have a lot of wall space to hang it or even a lot of storage space where it can be kept from damage; keeping the artwork safe while I wait for a reason to frame it—an exhibit or a sale—is much easier and safer.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Cats, framed.
Draw Me Like One of Your French Cats, framed.

But I’ve been participating in art exhibits for the past couple of years, for the first time in almost a decade, and that’s always a good reason to frame artwork right away. Paintings are often purchased from the exhibits, and sometimes they come home and then go right back out to another exhibit so not as much worry about storage.

Mimi in the Formal Garden, framed.
Mimi in the Formal Garden, framed.

So I have much more framed artwork on hand and now, during the slower time of the year for exhibits, I think it’s a great opportunity to offer it with a discount. That’s one of the reasons I’m limiting the sale to February 28—I have exhibits already in February and March, and vendor shows and other exhibits coming up through the year.

It’s awkward to put a piece in a show and have someone purchase it from my website. Shows may last three weeks or three months and most often the work has to be for sale. If it’s at a show but someone wants to buy it from my website, I can’t guarantee it’s coming back.

All my feline block prints are included too.

And because I’ve been able to photograph nearly all the originals in their frames at these events I can add that to the galleries so you can see what the finished piece will look like, which I haven’t been able to do before.

A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20
A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20

I have a few last prints of Awakening and The Goddess and The Roundest Eyes from last year’s printing so I’ll need to print more before long. I like to clear last year’s prints before I start new ones.

A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20
A. Framed, double matted, tinted print (as shown), 16 x 20

I keep a few to use in other ways than framing, like decorative trays and mounting them on wood blocks. So the framed prints I have in stock are discounted.

"Tortie Girls" set of matted and framed block prints.
“Tortie Girls” set of matted and framed block prints.

I have a few extras of Kelly’s Morning Bath on some lovely handmade papers as well.

Framed with greens and tans.
Framed with greens and tans.



Purchasing and shipping artwork

These paintings framed and I have packaging on hand for shipping, so it’s really efficient all around. You can take advantage of the 25% discount by using the code ORIGINALART25 through February 28, 2023, good on the paintings on this page and on the linked page. If one sells, I’ll remove it from either of the pages.

Shipping, handling and taxes are included in the price. Shipping costs vary between $25 and $50 depending on the size of the painting. If you are local and want to pick up your purchase, please let me know and I’ll give you a discount code to subtract the shipping from the cost of the artwork, or I will refund it to you later.


Mimi sleeping in a box of pastels.

Mimi sleeping in a box of pastels.

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It’s all done under the close and careful supervision of my studio cats!

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