Marketplace: New Autumn Garden Flags

Mimi models the garden flags.
Mimi models the garden flags.

What happened to September? Is it autumn already? Yes, and time for new garden flags! After a summer of experimentation with different materials and processes, we are ready to go into production with new designs for felines and nature, and one old favorite feline Meow-lo-ween flag. Mimi thinks I could have given her a better backdrop for this photo, but we’ll have other chances too.

About the flags

My new flags are 11″ x 15″ because my largest fabric transfers are 11″ x 17″, then I fold the top over for the pocket. They are printed on only one side, but you can see the design really well from the back anytime during daylight, as you can see below.


They are printed on cotton muslin with a light fabric transfer finished with a “hot peel”, which means I peel the backing off of it within seconds of opening the heat press, leaving minimal plastic coating on the fabric. It leaves a little bit of body but no real stiffness, and never curls from wetness or cold like other fabric transfers. The professional-quality transfer is intended for light fabric so covers the fabric without the feeling of vinyl and holds the art well.

I had some pretty serious supurrvision as I made these!

Your trim could be better on this!


Here are the three feline designs with links to where you can purchase them, or you can skip to the Garden Flags page in my Handmade Gift Gallery. I typically stock all garden flags shown there though I only print smaller quantities, usually no more than six at a time. If you’d like a quantity of flags, or a custom flag, please send me an email.

Don’t look too closely at the stitching on these flags—my sewing machine needing a little oiling when I made these. I haven’t had the chance to rephotograph them but I can assure you they look neater than this.

Studio Window, Autumn

This flag is designed from one of my favorite daily sketches of my cats in the studio. You can read more about the sketch here. I couldn’t wait to see this one as a garden flag!

Studio Window, Autumn garden flag
Studio Window, Autumn garden flag

Out the Front Door

This painting serves for autumn, or any time of year! It’s Mewsette, Mimi and Giuseppe. You can read more about this design here.

Out the Front Door garden flag
Out the Front Door garden flag

Happy Meow-lo-ween!

This design was one of the first I had made eight years ago, and it’s one of the first I experimented with two years ago. I’m so happy to offer it again! You can read more about this design here.

Happy Meow-lo-ween garden flag
Happy Meow-lo-ween garden flag

Where to find the garden flags

You can find these and all my designs on the Garden Flags page in my Handmade Gift Gallery.

Find the real cat in this photo!

Join us for an Open House!

In person or virtual, you’re invited to our Autumn Open House, October 3 to 10! You can shop either in person or online, which means if you are nowhere near us you can still choose from all the stuff AND get the 25% discount I always offer at my open house events. For in-person attendees, it’s a week long so that people can spread out their visits and we can socially distance. I’ll have things set up in my house as well as my front and back porches and at least one of my tents in the back yard, and for our friends at a distance I’ll photograph or video the setups.

I’m celebrating this year too—can you believe it’s been almost a year since my hip replacement? What a year it’s been! I’m celebrating my hip surgery, my recovery as well as surviving this past year with patchy income and limited ability for part of it, following two years of even more limited ability and more patchy income. You can’t take me down too easily! And it’s also had to believe that October 19 is my 30th anniversary of the day I closed on this house! Thirty years, I never intended to be here this long but here I am, and it’s another thing to celebrate.

I won’t have as much as I had planned since I’m still settling out my studio spaces and finally receiving things I’d ordered, but I’m also planning at least one more open house in November, December, or both.

If you shop in person, I give you a 25% discount on your entire order. If you shop online, you need a discount code. Either way, you need to sign up for my Open House notifications so that I can email you the information, or send a snail mail post card, whichever works best for you.




Sienna makes it fun!

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