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Mademoiselle Has Sent Me a Valentine?

black cat looking up
Mlle. has sent me a Valentine?!

“I heard that my most ever-precious French-Canadian belle femme Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite, my gem, il mio amore, my mature and most dignified love who lives in the Canadian city named for Kings by the river has sent me a Valentine! O, my heart flutters with anticipation! When will it arrive? Is it coming in the computer? Or is it coming in the thing called ‘mail’?”

I don’t know how Giuseppe found out. He has been singing in the stairways his fine castrati voice, getting the best vibrato and projection, and sitting by the big north window, looking toward the northwest thinking of how the same moonlight and the same snow are falling on Kingston and Carnegie.

Mlle.’s mama and I decided not to let him know because he is the operatically overly melodramatic kitty and would wait by the door until he fainted from hunger if he knew something was on its way from his love Mlle. Daisy. They have been regularly corresponding by computer and through the air, and convincing their humans to type real messages back and forth in “e-mail”.

Well, yes, Mlle. Daisy has mailed a Valentine to her young American love, Giuseppe Verdi. Giuseppe was preoccupied with his older sister and with his Mama Bernadette and did not send off a Valentine in time (especially since we have no idea what sort of time warp things travel through as the cross the border into and out of Canada and so have no idea when things will arrive). But Giuseppe and I have prepared a wonderful gift for his amour, for her to hang in her room in the house in Kingston.

And when the Valentine arrives, I will he sure to record his joyous celebration. In the meantime I hope I can keep him under control when the mail arrives each day.

Catch up on the affaire between the young American cat, four-year-old Giuseppe Verdi, and his mature French-Canadian admirer, 12-year-old Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite. It is sure to be a good show when the Valentine arrives.


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