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Lenore and Silverbelle’s Happy Ending

white persian
silver tabby persian

A big thanks to everyone who passed along the post about Lenore and Silverbelle from the humane officer who rescued them, the friend who sent it to me, and from me, and no doubt from the woman who had to give them up in her flight from an abusive home.

They’ve been taken in by a small pet rescue near Pittsburgh who already has two wonderful homes willing to adopt them together.

The humane officer is “more than thrilled to report their foster placement.”

“I will be able to finally advise the owner of the Persians that they are completely safe and will be fine,” said the humane officer in an e-mail to those of us involved, later adding that the owner “will continue to grieve for the loss of her beloved cats and her beloved dog in a life turned upside down.”

We don’t often realize how many animals end up in shelters as the result of domestic abuse and the resulting breakup of a household. In order to save herself from further abuse, their owner had to leave the cats, a dog, even her children and run to her family several states away.

“These two sweethearts are doing great”

Lenore and Silverbelle at last check were not eating while living in a cage covered with a sheet in a garage, the best accommodation the humane officer could provide. They’d been in another foster home, but they were so traumatized by all they’d been through and a dog in the house was frightening them even though he was separate, so back they came.

Now, after just a few days with Pam Hoebeck of Pet Match, Inc. of Penn Township, PA, the story is quite different. They’ve had a visit to the vet and “passed all their tests” and “were angels at the vet, and everyone who saw them just fell in love with these beauties,” she told.

“Lenore was a shy at first, but she is coming around,” she said of the Persian who was having the most difficulty with the situation. “Last night this beautiful little girl strolled over on her own, climbed up on my lap and let me pet her for about half an hour. Lenore is such a sweet soul with her soft purrs and sweet meows!”

Silverbelle had fared a little better in all the transitions, but had still not been eating. “Silverbelle adjusted quickly…eating treats, playing with toys, exploring and making herself right at home,” Pam reported.  “She is a little ham and so full of personality!”

Either of the two prospective homes would be perfect for the two, adopting them both together.

“Even though I have only had them for a few days, these two babes have already stolen my heart.  It is bittersweet to know that they will be going onto their forever home soon, but I still feel so wonderfully blessed to have had them in my life!” Pam said of them.

That will be one lucky home to have Lenore and Silverbelle.

Pet Match, Inc. does not have a website but is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization rescuing cats and dogs. They can be reached at: Pet Match, 1001 Kings Court, Trafford, PA  15085, [email protected].

A volunteer Humane Police Officer

And the humane police officer who rescued them is actually a volunteer, racing around the south of Pittsburgh after her day job rescuing cats and dogs and donkeys and horses, taking them home or trying to find appropriate housing for them, activity complicated by the results of their abuse or neglect.

“As a humane officer you might imagine what we see on a daily basis and go through in doing our volunteer humane work,” she said.

This human officer’s organization is called “Call and Report Inhumane Cruelty and Abuse of Animals Today” or C.R.I.C.A.A.T.  (pronounced “cricket”), and can always use assistance. Make a donation to assist her in investigating and rescuing animals at:

P.O. Box 117
Washington, Pa 15301

All donations are 100% deductible.  EIN is 61-1570182

So glad we have people like this when animals need them. I’m also gratified that my original post about Lenore and Silverbelle was what Pam Hoebeck saw and responded to. A special thanks from me to all those of you who forwarded it so that it got to Pam.

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Photos provided by the humane agent.

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