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Kitty Things: Window Ledge Kitty Collection

cat figurines
A little collection of kitty things on someone’s window ledge.

Only with the light on this window near sunset did I see the little collection of kitty figurines, though I see the window now and then and have never been able to distinguish what the figurines were. I’ve never seen a kitty in the window, but I’ll keep checking.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature around this date?

Wordless Wednesday: Mewsette in Morning Shadows, 2013
black cat and shadow with leaf shadows
Mewsette in Morning Shadows

. . . . . . .

Enforced Bath, 2012
two black cats bathing
Mimi’s enforced bath.

Mimi took control of the situation this morning, pushed Jelly Bean down on the box, sat on him and gave him a good bath. He looks slyly very pleased. He has a way of acting helpless that inspires all of them to give him extra attention.

This is all that’s left of their entertainment center from last week. The big white box finally just collapsed under the weight of too many cats.

. . . . . . .

Crunchy Snacks, 2011
photo of black cat with pretzel box
Mewsette checks out my pretzels.

Mewsette is with me on the crunchy snacks, especially during a busy workday.

No, not cat treats! People snacks!

I’m not big on snacking, but if I’m having a busy day sometimes I need something to crunch on, something I can get a lot of mileage out of, like one of those big hard pretzels. Sometimes it saves me from saying something I shouldn’t, the food equivalent of “biting my lip”, and sometimes I just need something to literally chew on when I’m metaphorically “chewing on” an idea. Of course, I’ve been known to eat potato chips and cheese crackers and other kinds of pretzels, and my big jar of dry-roasted edamame beans, but just one of these big pretzels can go a long way so I rarely overdo it with them. And it’s just the act of crunching, not even the food part that’s necessary.

And as soon as she hears me crunch, Mewsette is right there! I may give her one chip or one cheese cracker—of course, it’s because the color looks so lovely against her black fur. No edamame beans or anything like that. I used to keep my favorite trail mix at my desk, the one with craisins (but no raisins), pumpkin seeds and, among other things, macadamia nuts…mmmm good. Mewsette was barely more than a kitten when I opened the bag while working, and she charged over, looked in the bag, reached in and brought out a macadamia nut. I had raised these kittens entirely away from human food and was surprised at Mewsette’s reaction—how did she even know it was food, especially since it bore no resemblance to or content of cat food—and I let her go because I wanted to see what she’d do. She was so deliberate! And I had no idea at the time a macadamia nut could be a problem.

But I have since learned that they are toxic to dogs, and while the jury is out on toxicity to cats it’s advised to keep them away from all pets.

But apparently my big crunchy pretzels are no problem. Mewsette’s not too fond of them either but she still runs over and looks in the box, and likes when I give her a little piece of one.

. . . . . . .

This Sink Matches My Eyes, 2010
black cat in green sink
Mewsette models the bathroom sink.

Mewsette discovers the perfect accessory for herself—that mint green bathroom sink! Of all the Fantastic Four, her eyes are the greenest, with very little of the yellow characteristic of their mom. The others’ eyes look distinctly amber when they are in the sink, but Mousse models her new-found accessory with her usual quiet happiness.

Typically playing the role of Basement Cat, Mewsette drinks out of the sink with the rest of them but doesn’t usually hang out there. When I go down into the basement, she usually drops out of some overhead hangout or pops out of one of my boxes of stuff and hurries over to greet me—”Welcome to my basement, isn’t it nice?”

This may be because she thinks her brothers are just plain stupid, judging by some of her expressions; well, you know how boys can be when they get together. But she cuddles and plays with them often enough that it’s probably not that she doesn’t prefer their company, just that she waits in the basement for the next silly mouse to enter.

But I’m glad she’s found a happy spot upstairs where I can see her round green eyes and plushy rich black fur all the more often.

And I am glad to report that after spending much of her first three years as Basement Cat, Mewsette now happily hangs with the rest of us upstairs for a good part of the day. It’s funny how their habits change as their first few years.

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