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Kitty Things: Welcome Kitty Says Welcome

cat sculpture with flowers
Welcome Kitty says hello!

The hand-cast kitty who came with Peaches and Cream in 2005, made by their human, has been greeting people to my home since then, hanging on the wooden decorative shutter right next to my front door. I keep flowers in the vase during flower season, most of the time wildflowers I’ve gathered in my walks around town and on the trail. In the late afternoon sun that huge umbel of Queen Anne’s Lace cast an interesting shadow on the kitty, and the sun slectively illuminated the pink vetch, a fleabane flower or two, a yellow daisy center and a few petals. It’s good to let yourself be distracted by these things, even on a super busy day when you finally got your car back on the road and have more to do than 24 hours will permit. What’s ten minutes of beauty, and focus on capturing the best photo of the moment to take your mind off of all these things?

And when the sun fades behind the neighbor’s house and all the magic goes away, all those things are still to be done, but while you were exercising your creative right brain, your logical left brain was hard at work prioritizing things for you. Back to work, with a clear mind.

cat sculpture and flowers
A little soft-focused version.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature on this date (or close to it)?


Shades of Green, 2012
two black cats with green eyes
Mewsette and Jelly Bean model their green eyes.

This is not to take off on the title of a certain series of books, it is actually the first thing I thought when I looked at these photos; there was, of course, more than one photo to choose from. Now that the trees have leafed out the sunlight reflects green into the house and enhances all those green eyes. Even my yellow art glass bowl hanging in the upper right corner looks green, and the wall behind—actually those are seen in that lovely round antique mirror, the wall and ceiling of the stairwell colored green by the light from the big window in my office at the foot of the stairs.

What wonderful faces to greet me at the top of the stairs. And today Mewsette upstages brother Bean for having bigger eyes and longer whiskers, the biggest and longest in the whole house, unlike yesterday when Bean exposed himself for the sake of winning a non-existent cuteness award.

. . . . . . .

Don’t forget, you still have time to adopt a pair of house panthers to inspire you with their sleek beauty during Adopt a Cat Month!

. . . . . . .

Two Cute, 2013
two black cats
Mewsette and Bean napping.

You can’t tell here, but they are pushing their hind feet against each others’. Jelly Bean is winning. Mewsette is a little annoyed. After all, she had the wardrobe top all to herself and was performing for the camera when Bean decided to get in on the action. But she is doing her best to push Jelly Bean off of her stage.

But Bean’s little round softness and his manly white loincloth, well, you don’t get much cuter than that unless you’re a kitten. And you should have seen him as a kitten.

. . . . . . .

Unexpected Frills, 2013
cat scratching cardboard box
Mewsette, famous feline cardboard interpretation artist, gets to work early, while the inspiration of dreams is fresh.

“I like the idea of taking the edges off these dull rectangular boxes,” says Mewsette, famous feline cardboard interpretation artist as she dexterously adds a few early-morning touches to her latest endeavor at finding the statement hidden within the cardboard. “It’s a metaphor for life.”

Mewsette’s newest work is called “Unexpected Frills”, and true to her word she is taking the edges from a very dull rectangular cardboard box. But not all the edges—Mewsette does like her statements in contrast and has chosen just one section of the box to skillfully peel the layers of paper that make the corrugated surface and pulling them up in strips so they can curl, and it looks as if the box is either losing its stuffing or some organic matter is growing from a spot about two-fifths down from the top of the box, only on one edge.

“This is what is ‘unexpected’,” Mewsette adds, “you don’t expect to see extemporaneous frilly things as part of a rectangular cardboard box.

“The box does not want to be rectangular. And it’s another statement in my series of works describing impermanence, much like our human talks about those buildings that start sprouting trees from the roof, nature always reclaims what is hers. I am helping this cardboard box in reclaiming its true nature.”

Wherever did Mewsette get that idea? But it is a lovely work. I’m going to have to be very careful when I need to open this carton to use the Priority Mail shipping boxes inside.

cardboard box with claw marks.
“Unexpected Frills”

See other posts featuring the talented Mewsette’s cardboard interpretations.

. . . . . . .

Fits Right In, 2012
black cat with colored pencils
Mewsette fits right in between my drawing and my materials.

I’d say that Mewsette knows how to pose because her soft, glossy black fur always looks best next to bright colors and she always looks right at home among my art materials, but she’s the most unassuming kitty I’ve ever known. Really, Mewsette likes to get closely involved with my work and she usually gets the assignment to supervise me while I’m working. Don’t let her brothers know she sleeps on the job.


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  • have you ever painted this Bernadette? picture one…..would look awesome in pastel…though I would imagine the daisies would be difficult as thin as the petals are……meowloz two the crew N heerz two a yellowtail horse mackerull kinda week oh end !!

    • Tabbies, that’s too funny–I began photographing this years ago intending to paint it with various flowers, and even in winter with dried wildflowers. Never yet! I need to get to that!


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