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Kitty Things: Kitty in Pink, in the Pink Garden

Pink Sunshine garden flag in my pink garden by the driveway.
Pink Sunshine garden flag in my pink garden by the driveway.

This kitty in pink is really in the pink! Mr. Sunshine colored in pink looks wonderful in my “pink garden” so everyone knows where my driveway is.

This little garden is next to the end of my driveway by the street, developed from leftover native plants from the back yard. The spot had been very dry because of the number of trees growing over it from the rental house next door as well as my own maple trees, but when one of their trees fell and soon after I’d lost a branch from my old maple the spot was bright and sunny and received a good bit of rainfall and I decided to have a new garden knowing I had lots of extra natives from the back yard. The spot is in the bottom corner of my yard so watering and maintenance weren’t as easy as the rest of my yard, but I knew these native plants would have no problem if I didn’t get to water, or if the sun beating down and reflecting on the street hardened the soil even with watering. They also have dense enough foliage that they shade the soil from most other smaller plants.

I’d moved the pink pasture rose, in the back, left, here because it was so pretty but so thorny, and in that spot it could grow any size it wanted to, not needing to be trimmed too often! I lost more than half of it in the ice last winter so it’s much smaller this year. I also planted a clump of my pink phlox here, and to my surprise it bloomed this delicate blush pink, and the bergamont or bee balm is much happier than it was in the back yard.

cat garden flag
“Kitty in Pink” garden flag for Valentine’s Day and Spring!

It also includes a few flowers you can’t see that bloom at other times: a pink-lilac columbine and echinacea. It had also had autumn joy sedum and rose turtlehead plants, but the bergamot shaded them out and I moved them elsewhere, and I also have a few clumps of daffodils for spring blooms. The green and white variegated leaves are “bishop’s weed” which bloom with tall white umbels like Queen Anne’s Lace—right now those bright yellow-green clusters are the spent flower heads from these. I also encourage other plants with little white flowers to bloom here for accent and they come and go as wildflowers do, like the white avens in front of the right edge of the flag, and fleabane and feverfew.

I have a set of flags for my yard that are actually my first proofs and ones that were on display at others’ shops and were damaged. These are the ones I try out in different areas to see how they weather, and I also take them to shows and festivals, just pulling them out of the yard when I go. I was never really happy with Mr. Sunshine up by my front porch, but I’m really pleased with him in this garden!

This design is made from one of my daily sketches, Kitty in Pink.

Where to find this garden flag and other garden flags I make

You can find the Kitty in Pink garden flag in my Etsy shop as well as other feline-themed garden flags.

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