Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Kelly Greets the Day

tortoiseshell cat scratching wood
Kelly has a good scratch on the wooden steps.

Ahhh, a good stretch, a good scratch, fresh air and sunshine, the best after-breakfast treat for Kelly. She really showed that top step who was boss, and left enough pheromones behind to scare off a herd of neighborhood cats.

Something about dry wood under their paws has always inspired my cats to have a good scratch-fest. Mimi loves the deck railings, Cookie did too, and in the house my wooden ladder, one of the wooden braces on my old drawing table, and 2×4 lumber in the basement have all been christened by feline claws. Those old carpet-covered things? Eh…I took the carpet off and turned it around to expose the jute backing and that was a hit! but best of all they like the one I left as bare wood when I discovered the carpet had rubber backing. Yes, everyone should have a 4×4 in their dining room.


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6 thoughts on “Kelly Greets the Day

  • I luvluvluv Tortie’s! Their coloring is just so incredible. Mom misses her sweet Tasha lots especially every time she sees your lovely Kelly. She loves my gray color too, don’t get me wrong…but well, ya know…

    • I do love my black cats for many reasons beyond cat fur–just watching all those silhouettes is very inspiring to me as an artist–but if I didn’t have a tortie I’d have to find one. I miss Cookie’s little half n half face.

  • Tammy J. Banks

    I love this image of Kelly, Bernadette — there’s just such a wonderful happy energy about it.

    • Tammy, I agree, and it’s wonderful that you can feel Kelly’s energy in it. She rarely goes about things with happy abandon, but she scratched all over that top step, purring loudly, tail curled!

  • Woah!! Nothing beats a good Stretch!!
    You’re Looking Gorgeous, Dear Kelly!!
    I Love this Photo of You xxx

    • Annie, it looks as if you’ve picked up on Kelly’s happy energy too! It just fills my heart when she’s just being a happy kitty like this.


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