Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Just Act Cute

two black cats
Guiseppe and Jelly Bean acting cute to cover up, well, something.

Just act cute, she’ll never guess.

Guess what?

What we were doing.

What were we doing?

I’m not sure but she’s staring at us and you look guilty.

How can I look guilty? I’m not guilty of anything. Why do you think I look guilty?

You just do. I was just licking my hip and when I looked up she was looking at us. I wasn’t doing anything, it must have been you.

How long do you think we can sit here looking at her like this? My attention span is about to expire.

Do you think she’s taken enough photos of us?

She’ll never think so.

Let’s just get up and stretch and see what she does.


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11 thoughts on “Just Act Cute

  • LOL !! Good-looking cats and funny commentary.

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  • Innocent black kitties!!! Their eyes are saying, ‘Nope, wasn’t us. Whatever it is, it wasn’t us!’

    • Oh, darn, I meant to say that I love the line, ‘My attention span is about to expire.’ I know that one all too well!!! (*My* attention span, not my kitty’s.)

      • Miss Chili, me too! They have quickly expiring attention spans all day long. How else would they get any sleep?

    • Nope, definitely wasn’t them! I’ll have to keep looking!

    • Don’t they look like they are trying to act innocent? They really weren’t doing anything!


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