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Information on Feline Health and Wellness

I get some workday assistance from my feline household.
I get some workday assistance from my feline household.

You may be researching a specific topic or you may simply be curious and reading general feline topics. In either case finding complete and accurate information can seem to be elusive. If you are searching on the internet you’ll find plenty of sites with anecdotal information from cat owners who have experienced and dealt with certain conditions and give very helpful advice, especially if you find yourself in a similar predicament, and you’ll find sites that offer a variety of topics, but the information under the topic just doesn’t go deep enough. I’m always careful to research my information further and find it supported in a variety of sources, both on the internet and off.

Whether I’m writing about cats or I’m researching something on behalf of my own cats’ health, I have a list of sites I use for research that have always provided a good starting point, a few which cover all animals and a few which specialize in feline issues. I usually head to the library after that so that I can look in publications that aren’t entirely available on the internet.

Here are a few of my favorite all-animal sites because of the depth of their information.

“Good News for Pets”, found at , is a great all-around link to health, welfare and entertainment news for dogs and cats that is constantly updated. Read Steve Dale’s column and visit his “Pet World” site, and from Mordecai Segal—if you’ve purchased health or training books featuring dogs or cats, you’ve probably got one by him.

You may also recognize another author included in several “Chicken Soup” books and also if you own various popular books on natural pet health care, Amy Shojai, whose site can be found at Read through her wealth of articles and sign up to receive her “Pet Peeves” e-newsletter.

Both the ASPCA, and the HSUS, have huge sites packed with practical information about dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and more for diet, training, and general health as well as newsworthy updates on what each organization is doing to make both companion animals’ and wild animals’ lives better.

For cat-specific information, you’ll find a link on the “Good News for Pets” site to “Cat Wellness News” at where you can read current releases and click to even more information on research and health at (AAFP) American Association of Feline Practitioners, (CWA) Cat Writers’ Association, Inc., The Cat Fanciers Association, Cornell Feline Health Center, KNOW Heartworms, and Winn Feline Foundation.

Speaking of the Winn Feline Foundation at , you can nominate your favorite veterinarian to the “Veterinary Honor Roll” and sign up for frequent brief releases of research results for all the research they are funding and tracking.

You’ll find the answers to lots of questions at, from people who have been caring for cats for years.

So curl up with a kitty on your lap and maybe a few on your desk and read all about what’s new with felines!


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