ID for Your Pets, and a Free Engraved Tag Offer

    The injured stray tabby cat in question.
The injured stray tabby cat in question.

A friend recently contacted me to ask for help with a friendly cat who’d been hanging around her house. The cat also had an injury on its hip, and combined with the injury the fact that the cat was hanging around pretty permanently at a house with pugs likely meant the cat was not owned by a neighbor but was lost or abandoned. She couldn’t ignore the situation—nor could her pugs—so we’ll be carting the cat off to a clinic this weekend and then off to a foster home (thanks to HCMT for providing space at the clinic and to the foster home!) while we check all the available outlets for information on lost pets. This cat was too nice and wanted in the house too badly not to have been owned by someone.


I have always said I wish they came with notes. Most people where I live keep their dogs contained somehow, and the occasional one who shows up is usually an escape so we know to start looking for an owner right away. But when cats show up, well, cats do escape but some neighbors let their cats out some or all of the time, and some cats are left behind by transient renters—it’s where many of my rescues have come from in this neighborhood over the years.

But when they first show up, how do you know? And how do you check to see if they are owned by someone to determine if they are in need or just visiting?

A microchip is a great idea because it’s more permanent and as universal readers are more widely available and more shelters and veterinary clinics have them, if you’re in doubt as to the status of a cat or dog and they are friendly and you can catch them, you can take them for a scan and if there’s a microchip you may be able to reunite a pet or at least find out who they belong to. Likewise if your own pet escapes and is rescued by someone or winds up in a shelter whether it’s from 4th of July fireworks or from an emergency situation, the microchip can be a great help in bringing your pet back home.

pet tags
Silver aluminum tags from Just4MyPet.

But the good old tag hanging on a collar is still also a necessary means of identification, especially for a pet who goes outdoors. If the cat in question had a collar and a tag we’d have someone to contact and could possibly return this cat to its owner, and if we couldn’t find the owner we’d at least be able to find out more about the cat.

Many local pet stores and even shelters offer inexpensive tags to hang on your pet’s collar, but you can’t beat “free”. Just4MyPet, a company I discovered at BlogPaws, offers a free personalized pet tag to any customer. The offer includes a silver aluminum ID tag in three shapes shown here: Circle with Tab, Heart, and Bone shapes in multiple sizes, and includes the split ring to attach to a collar. If you’d like a more interesting shape, you can upgrade to a color or premium shape for just $3.00 more. The tags regularly start at $9.00 and they have quite a variety to choose from. Click here to read more about the free ID tag offer.

Just4MyPet logo.
Just4MyPet logo.

Other products from Just4MyPet

Just4MyPet doesn’t stop at ID tags but offers customization of lots of things for your pet and for yourself. The scope of the products they offer that can be customized by engraving or printing ranges from picture frames to food bowls to toss pillows for your couch. The quality is high and the price is good for purchasing an individual customized item—I know this from creating customized items for my own customers. I frequently have requests to create a custom item with either a portrait I’ve created or a photo provided, and sometimes it’s just not reasonable for me to make it by hand and wildly expensive to work with one of my vendors to imprint one t-shirt, for instance. The system set up at Just4MyPet allows both names and images to be added to dozens of products to purchase for your own household or as a gift, so now I have a place where I can send my customers to create pet-related items when I can’t find an option for them.

And because they offer custom portraits, I will be working with them soon as an artist who can create a custom portrait from a photograph provided. I’m so pleased to be able to extend my reach in creating custom commissioned portraits—promoting myself and my portraits is a big part of what I do, but it also takes time away from actually creating my art. In this way I can reach a new audience and still have time to sit down and paint. I may also offer other handmade custom items through them as well, and I’ll be writing about that as we move forward, and I’ll be writing more about this unique company founded for the love of a long-time animal companion as well. In the meantime, click their logo above or click here to visit their website.

$1.00 donation with every order

I’m also pleased to know that by working with them I’ll also be able to donate to pets in need because $1.00 from each order is donated to help pets in need through their Friends of Ollie Campaign and they also help to raise funds for individual animals in need.

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