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I Stole Someone’s Heart!

Who could resist?
Who could resist?

Photos of my cuteness were just too much for a couple who just needed to have me. They wanted an all-black kitty who likes belly rubs and purrs, and that would be me! I get a house all to myself and my foster human already outlined all the things for my new family that I like to do and eat and play with, so I’m sure it will all be set up to my specifications when I arrive. They are even taking their vacation in another country before I go home so that they can enjoy every moment with me after I am there.

I couldn't be any cuter!
I couldn’t be any cuter!

When they visited me I was very distracted by birds but I wasn’t at all frightened by strangers. In fact, when I was on my shelf on the cat tree I even rolled over and asked for a belly rub, and I purred too! My foster human was somehow very impressed with that, and purr-sonally I know that’s what sealed the deal. But I meant it because I really liked these people, and I knew they really liked me.

I'm looking cute!
I’m looking cute!

Not that I wouldn’t like to stay here! My foster human says she is impressed more and more all the time with how friendly, how really, really friendly I have become! I just had to get used to it all. I had a really scary time outside, all alone, without even my mother and brothers for a while, and it was people who did that. And my mom told me humans were no good. It took me a while to understand that, and I had to explore the whole house, all of it, every corner and nook and box, and clean up all the cobwebs before I really started to feel safe.

I'm a mysterious black cat!
I’m a mysterious black cat!

One day I realized my brothers were getting something I wasn’t when they were laying all over the human’s lap and she was petting them on her desk. I’m way cuter than they are! And way more playful! So I decided to walk right in and get my share. And I did. I think my foster human likes me better than them, really. She said those kitties who are “hard to get” are most special when they decide to be friendly. That was about the time I started talking to her, and that makes her love me up!

I'm learning how to manage a person.
I’m learning how to manage a person.

I’m learning all sorts of cool managerial things like supervising and keeping places organized, and my foster human needs all the help she can get! So I’ll know how to handle humans when I get my own set of humans, that’s for sure.

I imitate the big ninjas as often as I can.
I imitate the big ninjas as often as I can.

And I can’t wait to be a grown up kitty just like the big ninjas. I try to imitate them every chance I get. But keeping an eye on this human takes both eyes! No napping when I’m the studio supervisor!

Keeping an eye on this human takes both eyes!
Keeping an eye on this human takes both eyes!

But I always have to show my soft side and make sure I keep them wrapped around my paw!

Really, who could resist?
Really, who could resist?

FROM THE FOSTER HUMAN: Alvina did socialize enough to let her out of the foster room, and made some progress while she explored the house, but while her brothers were greeting people at the door and climbing all over me she was still a little distant, and frightened of strangers. She really was outdoors on her own at age 9 to 10 weeks because Debby just couldn’t trap her that day, only her mother and brothers, and what a frightened little kitty she must have been at a critical time in her development. She was the last to accept me after they’d come to foster too, and hid in the cubby for weeks when I came in the room, though she was very playful and would often forget I was there.

Although Alvina had been socialized to me, and out and about in the house for a week or so the day my niece and great-kids came to visit the boys were all over them but Alvina hid. I continued gently working with her, talking to her, petting her when she welcomed it, never picking her up because it frightened her. I really did wonder if she’d feel confident enough to meet someone, but she was on her way after that, and she really did warm up to me, and then to others, she did just need a little more time.

If you ever doubt that socializing frightened feral kittens is possible and worthwhile, remember that this is what they looked like the day they arrived at the end of July.

What would frightened kittens do if not for toilets?
What would frightened kittens do if not for toilets?

And this was pretty much all I saw of Alvina for weeks!

No wonder I don't come out when you call me!
No wonder I don’t come out when you call me!

I’m so happy for Alvina that she learned to accept humans and houses and toys and belly rubs.

. . . . . . .

Friendship Friday.
Friendship Friday.

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  • createwithjoy

    I found Alvina irresistible too! She reminds me of my first cat Goliath who I totally adored! I’ve really been enjoying your recent series of fostering posts – learning so much from you!

    Congrats Bernadette – you are our Friend Of The Week at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! Hope you make lots of new friends – I love everything that you do! 🙂

  • Alvina….we iz MEGA BUZZED happee for ewe !!!!!! a most happee gotcha day soon & all de veree veree best two ewe in yur new home ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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