Monday, March 4, 2024
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I Am Still Queen of the Picnic Table

tortie cat on picnic table
The Queen Upon Her Throne

Here I am on my picnic table observing my realm, and I won’t come in yet no matter what my mom threatens me with.

Mom keeps stuffing things in my mouth, and even though I like the eyedropper stuff that tastes kind of funny I really hate the needle in my shoulders thing! And the other day when I was on my mom’s lap I suddenly felt this change in my body that didn’t come from my mom or anything else, and afterward I was really tired and felt even more sick, but the next day I felt so good I ran out the back door with my mom! Who else is going to keep an eye on her! No one’s been watching her since I haven’t felt well! I’ve felt pretty good since that day, even though I’m not all the way back to the way I felt before.

But one thing hasn’t changed—I love my mom, and she loves me. I’m not unaware of what’s happening to me, I’ve seen it plenty of times before now, but I know my mom will need me for some time to come, and I told her I’d be here for her. Besides that, I want a 100th Birthday Party just like Peaches.

I know a lot of people sent good wishes and healing thoughts—I got them, and I thank every one of you, people, kitties, doggies, and all other species.

[Let me translate Cookie’s interpretation of her care: she had an increase in her thyroid medication, she had one more Capstar to make sure any fleas that found her died in the effort to keep her allergy symptoms to a minimum, I gave her two droppers a day of her high potency liquid vitamins, and between 75cc and 150cc of subcutaneous fluids each day. On Thursday she had a long-distance reiki treatment with Ingrid King when Cookie had stalled in her healing and was exhibiting symptoms of a possible URI with a runny nose and a little head shake; Cookie was lethargic overnight and a little feverish, but the next morning got up before me and was in the kitchen waiting for breakfast—and Cookie is not a morning tortie! She has been gaining energy and feeling sassy once again. Thanks for all your well-wishes because they were an important part of her healing for both of us!

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3 thoughts on “I Am Still Queen of the Picnic Table

  • Doesn’t she look like a Happy Cat?

    That is a great shot. I think it would make a great painting …

  • It’s good to see Cookie enjoying this beautiful summer day!

    • And she got up there all by herself, which makes her mom really happy!


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