Help MAWL Win, and Animals Win Too!

One of my local rescue/transport connections sent this message out and I’d like to share it with you. This small group in Ohio does an amazing amount of work to increase adoptions at their own shelter, provide low-cost  at spay and neuter, and even rescues animals from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. Take a look at their videos and vote for them for the F&S gift certificate, which will go for pet food for their organization.

There is a small rescue group in Mansfield, OH known as Mid-Ohio Animal Welfare League (MAWL.)  They aren’t a large group but the impact they make on our community is.  It is MAWL who host and run the RASCAL Unit monthly, which provides very low-cost spays, neuters, and vetting.  This year they managed to secure a grant from the Ohio Pet Fund which allowed them to offer $10 cat spay and neuters at the RASCAL Unit for low-income families.

Transporting pets from high-kill shelters

MAWL takes in many cats from Grayson County Humane Society in rural KY. Transport and adoption up here is the only option left for these cats and kittens.  They have also taken many of the medically-needy dogs from the Richland County Dog Pound.  They have fought hard to get as many of the Pit and Pit mixes into rescue and homes, as they are not able to be adopted out from the Richland County Dog Pound.  They also take in the usual community strays that manage to land on the doorstep of any rescuer!

Videos of adoptable pets increase adoptions

In addition to all of this, MAWL has recently began providing videos of the dogs at the Richland County Dog Pound in the hopes of encouraging more adoptions and rescues.  They do this in their “spare” time.  Please visit the following link to see what a difference these videos can make:

So why am I telling you all this?  Back to my heartfelt plea…

$200 Drs. Foster and Smith Gift Certificate to winning video!

MAWL has an opportunity to win a $200 gift certificate from the great folks at Drs. Foster and Smith.  All they need is your vote.  You can only vote once, and you do NOT need to register or even provide any info.  You simply need to click on Mid-Ohio Animal Welfare League and give them your vote!  It is a 30 second thing–And unlike many contests, MAWL has a VERY REAL chance of winning this one!  There are just three vides to choose from, so all three will be winners…They only difference is in how MUCH they win.  (And as a very proud mother, may I add that my two daughters worked very hard on putting together MAWL’s video? 🙂 )

So I would like to ask everyone to take just a moment and provide a vote. Let’s support our fellow rescuers when we can…and when all they need is a vote, what is our excuse not to??? After you have voted, please take a moment to forward this e-mail on to your friends so that they might do the same.  There is also a link on the voting site where you can share on your FaceBook page.

Here is the link for voting:

Thank you so much!



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