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Help CATS in Oregon Through Shelter+ Challenge

tabby kitten
Kira, rescued from a duct-taped box in sub-freezing temperatures.

“Kira was left duct taped inside a cardboard box on one of the coldest nights of the year basically to die,” Mary Anne Miller told me of a kitten she’d rescued in her small rural town of Sweet Home, Oregon. “Because of neglect and malnutrition it is likely she will never grow very large (according to my vet)  but her heart is larger than the moon at its fullest! She is now 6 months old and the size of a 3 month old and she got spayed today. She is so small they couldn’t even give me the pain pills to take home and give her—she got a half a shot instead. I have turned down 5 homes for her so far because she is so special. She chases our 114 pound German Shepherd around the house!”

Mary Anne has been rescuing stray cats and taming feral cats for years—in fact, the town is so small and she is so experienced that local animal control, animal rescues and shelters and even her veterinarian often call her to take in the stray and injured cats they have no place for, and the orphaned neo-natal kittens who need to be bottle fed by an experienced hand.

bottle feeding orange kitten
Bottle-baby eating well!

Through her experiences she’s published two award-winning websites about feline care and welfare, and, both of which I used for reference long before she took me under her paw when I was a “kitten” at my first Cat Writer’s Association conference in 2007. She also writes a daily blog, Feral Cat Behavior, about the cats she’s rescued and of their adoptions to loving families.

two siamese mix kittens
Two kittens in the cageless shelter yard.

She also founded a feline rescue which she named CATS Inc., for “Caring About The Strays”. It is a cageless sanctuary which takes in strays others will not, and welcomes abused, abandoned and traumatized cats and work hard with them to show them that some people can be trusted.

Cats Inc. has been entered into the annual Shelter+ Challenge through PetFinder and The Animal Rescue Site, and you can vote to help Mary Anne win any one of a number of grants which would go directly toward helping her rescue and rehome the cats who need her.

“The prizes are grants to help make my shelter better for the cats,” Mary Anne said.

About Shelter+ Challenge

A total of 247 prizes, including $100,000 in grants, as well as prizes of vaccinations and pet beds in the U.S., will be given to eligible rescue organizations as part of this Shelter+ Challenge. The grand prize will go to the eligible organization with the highest cumulative votes for the duration of the Challenge as specified in the rules.

Vote every day!

Voting began on January 7, 2013, and ends at midnight (PT) on April 28, 2013. You can vote once each day:

Visit and click to give food.


Then click the tab for the Shelter+ Challenge.


Enter the information for CATS in Oregon then vote!


Every rescue deserves our help for the work they do, and contests like this make it so easy for each of us to give just a little to make a huge difference.

Here are a few more photos of Mary Anne’s rescues:

Rescued tabby kittens in a pile.
Rescued tabby kittens in a pile.
calico kitten
Bedtime for bottle babies.
calico cat

Photos were taken by Mary Anne Miller, screen shots are from The Animal Rescue Site.

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