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Happy Mew Year!

Sienna in the mirror.

January 1 is certainly a day for reflection.

We hope your first day of this new year showed the way to health, wealth and success in what you love in the coming year.

So it’s just one day later but another year later. Funny how that happens. But I’ve got some plans for this year and after the busy autumn and holiday times I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit and getting to bed at an earlier hour. So far it’s a challenge, but at least it’s only 3:00 a.m. instead of 5:00 a.m. Adding another website, for wholesale Custom Pet Memorial Votives, has added an extra hour or two on many days with setting up, making changes, fixing bugs—and you know it’s hard to find the parts to fix IN those bugs, right? Thinking of fixing in terms of spaying and neutering, ha ha, but sometimes troubleshooting and making websites work is just as complicated. I’m pretty much there and am preparing to launch an email and possibly mail campaign next week, not this week when everyone is just back after the holidays. And planning some new gift items and getting back into the swing of shows.

Sienna’s feeling good!

What’s a holiday weekend without a kitty who’s a little under the weather, or maybe a lot? Sienna is feeling very well now, but she really had me making plans for an emergency run earlier today. Yesterday morning, Saturday, she greeted me as usual but vomited a little before breakfast. She ate a small amount of her breakfast, then left. That’s fine, she knows what she needs, and a little time after vomiting isn’t a bad idea. Her temperature was about 102, normal for a cat who might be a little upset after vomiting. She napped in her usual spots, then ran down the stairs vomited again. Both times it was just a little liquid, and that likely means she’s experiencing some nausea. She climbed the cat tree by the basement door and settled herself down on the fleecy blanket atop some boxes on the shelves right there where I could easily see her. She curled in a ball, no supper and was still there Sunday morning, but was social and responsive when I checked on her a few times. If a cat is friendly and responsive, gets up and resettles and otherwise acts normal, I’ll let them work it out with maybe nausea meds and fluids.

She didn’t improve the next day so I moved her up to the bathroom and checked her temperature again—106! I messaged Dr. Michelle to see what she thought, and with Sienna still acting pretty normal I might give her a little more time, especially thinking that my weekend experiences finding emergency veterinary care in the recent past, and especially now on a holiday weekend, meant I probably wouldn’t find a spot anywhere. I took her temperature a little over an hour later and it was 104.1; she had been curled in the top of a box with a blanket and that could have magnified her temperature earlier. I moved one of the water fountains up to the bathroom, and before I had it plugged in she was up and getting a good drink of water. There was a fountain on the floor below her in the basement, but I don’t think she moved while she was down there. I went upstairs with some supper after I had fed the rest of the house and she was up and walking around and talking. I want her to stay in there for a bit longer and eat some food before I let her out. But I’m so glad she’s feeling better! Not just the trip to the vet and the time and money, but we never want them to feel sick!

Now that’s three high fevers with other vague symptoms in the past two years along with Mr. Sunshine recently and Mimi in 2021. Hamlet had an incident recently where he may have felt the same but he’s difficult to handle so I just observe him. He missed meals but did get his treat. Mr. Sunshine was due to have a “fever of unknown origin” panel done last autumn, but he recovered well from his last incident, and I really didn’t have the money for it; gift item sales were really poor last autumn and holiday season. Now I really want to get it done and see if we can get some clues.

That’s also a plan for this year! Getting the whole household checked. Well, let’s hope for some better sales of gift items and artwork this year.

And Happy New Year!

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  • I sure am glad that Sienna is feeling better now. Those high fevers are scary. We all wish you a most Happy New Year! ~Brian, Simon, Seal, Kiki, Maxwell and Macy

  • 15andmeowing

    Happy New Year!

  • Purrs the cats will be healthy through 2022!!!! Happy New Year!
    Purrs, Julie

    • We are definitely purring for that! Happy Mew Year to you!


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