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Happy Birthday, America!

cat on table outdoors with flag
Celebrating our independence on July 4, 2009.

Above is how I typically spend my Independence Day—not that I don’t enjoy picnics and fireworks and all the usual celebratory things, but it’s all about independence, right? So I and my cats do as we please, and for me that usually entails working on a creative project (even if it’s technically work), listening to music or a recorded story or something engrossing on the radio, and spending time with my cats, who also enjoy as much independence as they want every day of the year.

This year I’ll be working in my studio, not outdoors because it’s just too hot out there, and I’ll be remembering Cookie who was resident in all my art projects no matter where in the house or yard I did them, and it seems she passed to torch of supervision to Mewsette whose calm, quiet and happy presence fills my heart and my work table.

This year my community is not having fireworks for the 4th, but we’ll still notice when the surrounding communities have theirs as we heard other communities’ last night. Mimi has grown accustomed to storms and even noises outdoors, coming close to me and trying to be cool about it, but after last night’s storm Mimi isn’t taking any chances and even the distant sounds have been frightening her.

But indoor kitty or out, or dog or cat or bunny or bird, be prepared for your pet reacting to the noises and other events of the 4th of July, possibly one of the loudest holidays while doors and windows are open. A sudden loud noise can be startling, and a startled pet will often look for protection by trying to hide or running as far and as fast as it can from the source of the noise, often running away or into more danger if outdoors, or injuring itself in its haste indoors. And not only that, but the 4th of July is an outdoor holiday, and often we are going in and out our doors and it’s hart to keep track of pets.

In addition to loud unexpected noises, also consider the dangers of hot grills, alcoholic drinks, citronella candles and other parts of the holiday we take for granted but which may put your pet in the path of danger.

Here are links to articles to give you a checklist of things to look for and things to do to keep your pet safe this Independence Day.

Fourth of July Tips from the ASPCA is a comprehensive list of all the material dangers your pet can encounter on a picnic or cookout or even in the house.

And from a few other resources as well as Independence Day greetings from some of our friends—stop by and say hello!

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Born in the USA from I Have Cat (I’ll be singing that one for a while now—and she features our The Goddess tee)

Have a great holiday!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!

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  • Thanks for the LINK BACK! Just realized it now! only a MONTH behind! :)!

  • Happy Fourth of July, Bernadette! What a lovely picture! And thank you so much for the link to Taildom. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting, Daniela–I loved the article from Cat Stanley!

  • Happy Independence Day! The photo is just lovely – it evokes two things I love more than anything: cats (torties, no less!), and summer.

    • Ingrid, another of my favorite memories, and I can’t make the point often enough that Cookie was always, literally, at my elbow. She eventually took over the table and I had to move.

  • As always Bernadette, you manage to bring me back to a different time in my life… one surrounded in memories of my life up north with tall, cool glasses of iced tea, wrap around porches, and bright red geraniums! Have a wonderful day and thank you for including our post in today’s 4th of July listing!

    • Deb, this is one holiday where it’s always summer, no matter where you are. I’ll have an iced tea on the deck for you. Hope you enjoy your day!


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