Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Goodbye to Maple

Remembering Maple, created by Nicole

I just received the news from my friend Carolyn that Maple lost her battle with, most likely, lymphoma.

Maple was a dilute tortie, rescued as a kitten by Carolyn’s daughter Nicole. We will miss our sweet, gentle cousin-kitty, but her image will live on in the many products she modeled for Carolyn’s website and the many photos of her I used in designing ads and brochures for Carolyn’s company, My Three Cats & Co., Inc. Though she was quiet she was very playful and silly, and I loved her very roundness, not fat, but thick plushy gray and peach fur and a rather blunt nose and rounded whisker pads. And she was always very quietly happy.

Nicole designed the lovely tribute, above.

Near the end of Maple’s life, Carolyn contacted a hospice veterinarian to visit Maple at home and make further recommendations for care beyond what Carolyn’s regular veterinarian had offered. I have never used one, but know a veterinarian who offers this service, Dr. Nancy Ruffing of Gentle Journey Veterinary Hospice, and suggested that she call Dr. Ruffing to help with Maple’s care and to be available in the case that Carolyn would need to choose euthanasia. And because Dr. Ruffing deals almost exclusively with end-of-life issues, she may have more pertinent suggestions for Maple’s care and comfort, which she did.

When your cat, or other pet, is struggling with a chronic illness or simply nearing the end of its life, consider the possibility of finding a hospice veterinarian in addition to your regular veterinarian. Managing end-of-life issues yourself, even if you are skilled, can be exhausting physically and mentally, and many veterinarians don’t offer in-home euthanasia. The hospice veterinarian, as with Maple, can help with managing day-to-day care and comfort near the end, and knowing that they can visit your home if euthanasia is necessary can be a great comfort to you to know, and much more comfortable for them when the time comes.

So we will remember our beautiful cousin Maple, and send our good thoughts to Carolyn’s household.


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5 thoughts on “Goodbye to Maple

  • Chris, there may be something near you, since it’s hard to find a good bit of this information about animal care and welfare–that’s one of the reasons I write about it so often, just to let people know it’s available, or at least a possibility. Check Dr. Ruffing’s website to read about what she does. Thansk for reading.

  • I’m very sorry to hear about Maple – she was so beautiful! I’ve never heard of a hospice veterinarian. The hospice people who supported me at the end of my Mom’s fight with Alzheimers were wonderful. They continued to follow up for a full year, both by phone and mail. It’s good to know there are vets who provide this service to animal lovers.

  • I know what you mean about getting attached to others’ pets….it can be so sad for those of us that knew them as well. Maple was such a gorgeous cat, I can tell she was wonderful!

    Yes discussing the other topic via email or whatever way you wish would be great!

  • Caren, sometimes I get to know others’ cats as well as mine, and I miss them no less. And I’m actually working on a book about animal end-of-life issues, and I have my qualms too. When I get back to it, we can discuss in regular e-mail!

  • So very, very sorry….what an adorable cat…she looked so unique.

    I love her name as well…so very, very sorry

    When my Bobo had to be euthanized my vet did do it at home. I honestly don’t know if I would ever do it that way again. Now isn’t really the time or place to discuss it but that would be a topic for another time.



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