Fun Feline Facts for Friday

Namir's nose was decidedly unique.
Namir’s nose was decidedly unique.

While we’re all running around rescuing and fostering and feeding and spaying and neutering the overflow of cats and kittens, it’s fun to take a minute and remember a few things about them that make them unique. Just for fun on Friday, here are ten interesting cat facts… and there are so many more…

1. Your cat’s nose print is as unique as one of your fingerprints.

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Jelly Bean checks the paintbrush for edibility.
Jelly Bean checks the paintbrush for edibility.

2. A cat can jump 5 to 7 times the height of its tail.

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3. A group of cats is called a “clowder”, a group of kittens is called a “kindle” (but can we read on them?).

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...and the Weed Wacker kittens!
…and the Weed Wacker kittens!

4. A cat’s eyes are nearly always blue at birth and may not change to their final color for months.

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In fact, the world does revolve around me.
In fact, the world does revolve around me.

5. An adult cat has four rows of whiskers on each side and 30 teeth.

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 I can't stop yawning.....!
I can’t stop yawning…..!

6. Cats cannot taste sweets because of an incomplete gene.

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Jelly Bean meets his namesake.
Jelly Bean meets his namesake.

7. People who would read this blog are probably ailurophiles, or lovers of cats, but those who are afraid of cats are called ailurophobes and likely will not.

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My great-niece Cassidy greets 15-year-old Cream.
My great-niece Cassidy greets 15-year-old Cream.

8. Cats can sprint at about 30 miles per hour, but aren’t meant for long-distance running.

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9. Cats are capable of vocalizing about 100 different sounds, dogs about 10.

Read a little more below*.

Mewsette knows many words, and uses them to great effect by using them sparingly.
Mewsette knows many words, and uses them to great effect by using them sparingly.

10. Coat patterns in big and small cats seem to be derived from an evolutionary response to habitat.

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Dickie and Girls
Dickie and Girls

Information on the information

I first researched and compiled this information for a long-ago article I wrote for one of the shelter newsletters I submitted to in the late 90s and early 2000s, then I updated it to include in my feline care and information section in Great Rescues Calendar. At that time I used books as references as well as nationally-published newsletters from Tufts University and the University of California at Davis. *Despite an increased amount of feline study since then they are still pretty accurate and the information still distributed, but I tend to question the information in number 9, “Cats are capable of vocalizing about 100 different sounds, dogs about 10.” It’s a little too specific and unclear.

Both cats and dogs actually have the potential to make many noises, but on a day to day basis domesticated animals don’t need many of them and never use them. Dogs tend to use a set of about 10 that provide them with the clearest communication with their human. Cats hold onto much of their original biology as both predator and prey than dogs do, and cats therefore use a wider variety of sounds with the mixture of domesticated and non-domesticated vocalizations. I think these two articles from decades ago might explain where this generalization came from: It’s the cat’s meow: Not language, strictly speaking, but close enough to skillfully manage humans, communication study shows and Human emotional processing of human and dog vocalizations – 19564007.

But it’s still interesting information to know about our feline companions!

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