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From the Archives: What the Ruckus? 2003

tabby and white cat rolling on rug
Sophie making a ruckus on the bedroom floor.

The meows didn’t sound alarming but I knew it was Sophie, known for her declarative statements around the house. I found her rolling around on the braided rug in my bedroom singing for all to hear. Not sure of the reason, but do cats really need a reason to do this? Not Sophie, at least. She was known for rolling around anywhere she felt like it and usually making a ruckus when she did. You can see by the motion blur on her foot that she’s in mid roll. I only got one photo, or probably with the cheap digital camera I had then only one wasn’t blurry. But I’m glad I got it!


Photos from the Archives Shared in Previous years

On the Table With Flowers, 2006

cat on table with flowers
Sophie on the table with flowers.

No, I don’t let my cats on the table.

You can see that Sophie is pretty comfortable here, like she does this on a regular basis. Well…it’s my table. I just loved to find her like this, wearing her babushka. She made a little noise that sounded like “hmmph”, and she acted it out, too, I’d see her lift a little bit as if she had to force it out, this little sound that was intended to be a meow but didn’t quite make it. She’d probably just done that here. Even though she’s been gone 15 years I feel like I could look around the corner into the kitchen and she’d be there, on that table, which is out on the deck in storage, but no matter, and she’d make that noise when she saw me. Finding those photos 15 years later always bring up emotions, but I am rarely sad to see my kitties again.

The flowers were from my 2006 poetry reading less the red roses (pictured with Lucy here), which hadn’t aged well, but I remember how much I liked the white theme, with the pitcher, recently used with my forsythia, and the table and chairs, and Sophie who looks black and white. Just as a hint, I had planned another feline painting for the month of March to use as my April featured artwork, and this was one of my ideas. What’s one painting in a whole month? Well, this month was unusually busy in some ways and I never had the chance to settle down and focus long enough. That’s okay. You may see this one, or another pose from the group of photos, soon enough, but I stared at these photos so much working out my idea I thought I’d at least share one.

I took several photos with the Olympus digital, which didn’t do dark very well. They were oversaturated with a deep red tone that I couldn’t entirely filter out. I can usually touch up and modify a photo to shift or loosen colors, but photos from that Olympus were impossible to budge sometimes. It’s much lighter, but I lost most of the natural color and it has a red tinge. But when I do that painting, I can fix all that.

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Feline Artwork from Portraits of Animals!

painting of cat behind flowers
The Purrfect Camouflage, 11 x 16, pastel © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

I still remember deciding to photograph the flowers for just that reason, and looking at them, then surprised to see Sophie looking back at me when she sat up a little taller. Of course, the subject of the proposed painting changed from the flowers to Sophie. Read more and purchase.


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