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From the Archives: The Slumber Party, and Torties and Tri-colors

two cats on dora bed
Mimi and Peaches share a nap on the Dora bed.

Mimi and Peaches have a little slumber party on the Dora bed from 2010. Peaches was 20 and Mimi, 8, was Peaches’ companion for the afternoon, making sure she was comfortable and feeling loved in her last few months. But you’d never know Peaches was that old because these two little girls look like kittens on this little settee.

I visited my sister and saw this foam child’s bed ready for the trash because her granddaughter had outgrown it. I knew right away it would make a great cat bed! She didn’t question when I told her I wanted it and for about a year the tri-color girls and the family of five, along with Dickie when he was here, thoroughly enjoyed lounging on it. It unfolds into a little mattress which I really wanted to do with all the cats on it, but never had the room while the bed lasted.

Mimi was, of course, friends with Peaches. Everyone was friends with Peaches, you simply could not dislike her. She was 20 years old here, and would only be with us until October, but her girlfriends Mimi, Cookie and Kelly kept her groomed and comfortable and the Fantastic Four kept her warm and feeling young, especially the handsome Giuseppe, her escort. Mimi’s nurturing nature and gentleness brought Peaches a lot of comfort.

For whatever reason, I took a ton of photos of tortie and tri-color girls around this time. I thought I’d keep them all for one post and include one from the archives I’d never posted before.

And here are a few more torties and calicos from right around this date.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature on or around this date?


Kelly in a Compromising Position, 2012
tortoiseshell cat on lap
Kelly in a compromising position.

Kelly ended up in a little heap on my lap today, hind legs in the air, front paws wherever.

I’ve been working upstairs in my studio, on my old computer, because the internet connection on my downstairs computer is not working for some reason. I can access the wireless connection from my cable modem up here, but I can’t share files with that computer.

What that means is that I do a lot of running up and down the steps with flash drives. This is an inconvenience to me, but moreso to the cats who are tired of me getting up to run downstairs and get something every few minutes, or so it seems to them. Not only are they often displaced, but my constant movement disturbs their repose. The usuals haven’t had a good all-day nap on my lap for days.

Kelly has a little more work to do than the others when sleeping positions change. Kelly must bathe completely before she can sleep, a detailed process. But after the eighth time or so that I picked her up and put her on my chair and ran down the stairs, she came back to my lap as soon as I sat down and simply collapsed with exhaustion, no bath or anything, just Kelly in a ball.

. . . . . . .

Welcome to the Jungle, 2012
tortoiseshell cat on windowsill
Welcome to Kelly’s little jungle.

Well, at least Kelly’s little windowsill jungle where she can enjoy the morning sun near my one and only houseplant, the aged jade.

. . . . . . .

Tortie, Not to Be Outdone, 2011

tortoiseshell cat in the tub
Cookie in the Tub

Not to be outdone by a bunch of juvenile delinquents featured recently, Cookie hops in the tub.

She doesn’t really think they’re juvenile delinquents, in fact, they all get along just fine—they’ve always respected Her Majesty, and she’s never had to enforce her position.

But she is awfully cute in the tub, and she knows it too. I don’t think she hopped in there just to outshine them, she actually hopped in to check out the water left behind by my shower, then just to hang out for a while. After all, Cookie’s been hanging out in the tub for quite a number of years.

I truly love how active Cookie remains, even at her age.

. . . . . .

Sun Salutation, 2010

tortoiseshell cat stretching on windowsill
Sun Salutation.

Here is Kelly demonstrating how to balance on a windowsill that’s a little too narrow for really relaxing, though the sun and the breeze make the effort worth it.

A cat’s flexibility and ability to conform to any surface, even one that’s probably not very comfortable, never ceases to amaze me. Kelly hooks her outside front paw on the end of the windowsill, then transfers her balance to her inside hind paw, completely stretched flat while the outside paw holds her balance on the edge. It’s not just the natural engineering, but that hind leg stretched flat out behind her, and not a trace of a grimace of pain at the effort. Even at 16 (in 2010), Kelly is as light and flexible as a ballerina.

After fifteen years of yoga I’m pretty flexible, but Kelly is always the one who strolls in and helpfully moves through upward-downward cat and a full sun salutation—”Is this what you’re trying to do?”— while I’m struggling on my mat. Thanks, Kelly, a little instruction from a natural practitioner is always appreciated.

. . . . . .

Double Decker Bath, 2009

two cats bathing on boxes
Double Decker Bath.

I just happened to see this photo as I was browsing for other photos recently.

It’s Kelly and Peaches, and apparently I’ve set my boxes of freshly-printed greeting cards and their envelopes on my desk for their use as after-dinner bathing spots. Cats are very quick to put elements of their environment to good use, and a good bathing spot is nearly as important as a good sleeping spot. By looking at my photos from this time, I had to leave these boxes there for at least three days for Kelly and Peaches to have their nightly baths. Creatures of habit as well, Kelly was always on the left-hand lower box, and Peaches on the right-hand upper box. Well, that was only right—Peaches was, after all, the more senior cat at 19 years old, Kelly was only 15.

Their positions as well are just so “cat”, Kelly with her leg in the air, and Peaches in one of her classic nautilus-style belly-washing poses—talk about flexible!

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Peaches' Nap Spot, pencil with watercolor, 11″ x 7.5″, 2008 © B.E. Kazmarski
Peaches’ Nap Spot, pencil with watercolor, 11″ x 7.5″, 2008 © B.E. Kazmarski

Peaches was a perfect model, even when she wasn’t sleeping. Her markings always fascinated me—I was accustomed to torties in Cookie and Kelly, and even the calicoes I had fostered had smaller spots and clearly striped areas. Peaches’ dilute peach and gray and large clearly outlined shapes reminded me an older two-color wall map on cream-colored paper, slightly mellowed with age, where each of the countries were filled with a different color so you could distinguish them at a distance. Read more, and purchase.


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