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From the Archives: The Big Sister, 2007

tortoiseshell cat and black kitten
Cookie and a young Mr. Sunshine cuddle at my desk in 2007.

From December 6, 2007, Cookie cuddles with a very young Mr. Sunshine, just past four months old. You see, it was Cookie who showed the Fantastic Four how to organize those fantastic naps on Mama Bernadette’s desk.

So how did Cookie adapt to four vigorous kittens suddenly flying around the house? The same way she did with all the other playful, frightened, injured, confident, orphaned or in a family, and all the other cats who came to foster with us. They recognized her compassion and understanding right away and all went fine.

I let the adults into the kitten room but only began letting the kittens out when they were three months old, for just a short period at a time: 15 minutes per day, then 30, then 45. It was Christmas before they spent a good part of the day with the household, but it wasn’t until after they were spayed and neutered in January that I began to leave them out at night now and then. I was truly concerned about the ruckus they could raise with four senior cats all at the same time, but their Mama Mimi taught them manners, and they were all very good kitties. Here is another photo from that time which I recently used in an article showing Cookie and Bean bathing back to back on the floor.

And Cookie showed them the ropes, as you see, and they learned well. The camera in the photo is my old faithful Pentax K-1000 film SLR, which I was still using at that time; I had used a small digital point-and-shoot for a few years, then finally invested in a DSLR, the same one I still use today. I had purchased it just a few weeks before this.

tortoiseshell cat with two black kittens
Mewsette, Cookie, Sunshine like up on my desk. Along with my old faithful Pentax K-1000.

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