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From the Archives: Lucy With Flowers, 2007

Lucy with flowers.
Lucy with flowers.

Nine years ago on this date, Lucy sat on the table in the morning and looked at me curiously, wondering why I was waving a dishrag and babbling with that silver thing in front of my face. She had only been investigating the very exciting stuff I’d put in a vase in the middle of the table; I’d just had the first of my annual poetry readings at the library, and the library director had given me flowers afterward, and I brought them home.

Lucy was a slender and lively kitten, here about 10 months old. We had just lost Stanley a few weeks before, and I’d had so little time for this sweet little girl with nursing Stanley through his last year. That monumental loss of Stanley at age 25, along with the losses the previous year of Moses, Cream and Sophie, four of my oldest cats in one year, had kept my hands and heart full.

As I grieved their passing, I was glad for the affectionate and good-natured kitten who soon filled my days as I finally got to know her. I have photos of her from before this date, but I can tell this is when I began to heal because I have days full of photos of Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. I hadn’t yet met her mother, but when I did I realized that Lucy was very much Mimi’s daughter in temperament and habit, from her quiet patient nature to the way she curled her tail in a circle against her hip when she sat down to watch me do something.

Lucy, slender and graceful.
Lucy, slender and graceful.

Here, she could be Bella! Or a young Giuseppe, who she resembled quite remarkably. I’m so glad for the photos I took of her in these months, not realizing our time would be so short.

Lucy at the door.
Lucy at the door.

Read more about Lucy, and the magic she brought in the wake of her leaving.


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From Facebook and Instagram

It’s cold today so I’m just going to snuggle up in your sweater drawer okay?

Giuseppe snuggles into my sweater drawer.
Giuseppe snuggles into my sweater drawer.

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From around this date in previous years


Wordless Wednesday: Hi There Little Birdie, 2015


Mewsette wants to meet the little birdie.
Mewsette wants to meet the little birdie.

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Today’s Catpile, 2014

four black cats
They’ve put their heads together.

Yep, that’s really what it looks like when four black cats decide to have an afternoon nap on the bed. One by one they answered the call of the warm wool afghan and tucked themselves together like puzzle pieces, leaving Mimi and me to stop by and look at them now and then.

Below, all curled together, and they are purring. And delightful to press your hands into on a cold afternoon—they don’t even mind cold hands in a warm belly.

four black cats
And they’re purring.

Mewsette wakes up for a brief moment as Bean resettles himself after a quick bath. Back to sleep everyone.

four black cats on afghan
“Can we sleep?”

PeeEss! Mama Bernadette came home with white hairs on her clothes after she’d been out this afternoon! Couldn’t she at least have cleaned them off if she was cheating on us with another kitty? Checking on cats for a friend? Oh sure! That’s a likely excuse!

Well, meet Sweetie Pie, Bianca and Lucky, three of five kitties I visited tonight—Fairway and Molly got out of sight before I got out the camera! Believe me now?! All is well.

white cat
orange and white cat
black and white cat.
Sweetie Pie

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