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From the Archives: Kitty Visitors to the Deck, 2005

cat inside watching cat outside
Look at the top of the steps between the flower pots.

Wait, look a little closer over the top step, between the flower pots. Cookie has her eyes on this kitty! From March 17, 2005.

Mid-March 2005 was apparently a good time to visit our deck! I remember a few more than these, and not just that year, but I actually got photos of these kitties. I pretty much knew where they came from, or at least why they were there, and spring was always the big time for them to show up. The kitty above is Moon, who lived in the same house as Mimi. She had one or two litters of two kittens each year, and at some point quit giving birth in the house as in the summer she moved in under my deck and I socialized Thistle and Sputnik and surrendered them to Animal Friends. I was working with her people…patiently, and at least they gave me the kittens so that I could rehome them or surrender them safely to the Humane Society. So Cookie actually knew Moon because she stopped over now and then and, like Mimi, Cookie and others would have seen her outside the basement door too.

cat inside watching cat outside
Moses is keeping watch on this guy.

Now this guy! Moses has her eyes on him because she wanted to go outside, even though it was still cool on March 14, 2005. The sun was bright and she was ready for her sunbath, but she was also 18 years old and the arthritis in her hips and hind legs really hobbled her so encountering another cat, especially an intact male on the prowl for a good time, was not something she needed to engage in.

male tuxedo cat
He’s looking for action.

I remember seeing him around, and the kittens he begat. That build and face mask were easy to identify as I picked up litters of kittens, and may have been the father of some of Mimi’s kittens, or grandfather. There’s something about him that’s always made me think of Jelly Bean, those wide-set ears and shorter legs, and the genetics of black fur and his white patches would have produced a black kitten with white spots.

He might have been visiting because Moon was also showing up around that time. He was quite the cat around town for a couple of years, and then he disappeared. I didn’t have a trap on hand to be able to take action when he showed up, and by the time I borrowed one from Agway he was gone. And I couldn’t feed around my house because Stanley…peed on all the doors and everything around them whenever he saw another cat outside, even out in the yard. So I couldn’t lure the guy here, either. I just hope either his people finally got him neutered, or someone at least TNRd him.

Photos From the Archives are digital photos taken before I began blogging, and Vintage Photos are from my film archives back to 1983 when I purchased my Pentax K-1000 camera.

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painting of cat looking out door
“The Little Sunflower”, pastel on velour paper, 11″ x 16″, 1997 © B.E. Kazmarski

This is the same kitchen door and floor from photos you see today, and while I painted this one in 1997, Cookie began the process of this sunbath back in her second year here, after I’d replaced the awful doors here when I moved in with the full-view storm door and 15-lite wooden door so we could all look out and enjoy the winter sunshine.

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