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From the Archives: Kelly Camouflaged, 2006, And More

Find Kelly
Find Kelly

Kelly is cleverly camouflaged among the cat pillows and she is certain you can’t see her. Kelly loved her secluded little spots, especially on the bed in the afternoon. In 2006 she was the youngest cat in the house at just about 11 years old, but she never seemed to age a day from the day she came here to the day we lost her, always those green eyes and big ears, and her tortie spots. I didn’t want to look at her for too long because she would get up from her happy spot to greet me, and I wanted her to have a wonderful long afternoon nap.


Moses’ Morning Thermonuclear Treatment

Moses in the sun on the deck.
Moses in the sun on the deck.

If Mimi insists on going outside in the morning, she is not the first. Moses had suffered pretty severe malnutrition early in life and had bad joints in her legs and some amount of arthritis in her hips. From some time in the mid 90s she had requested to go outside in the sun for at least a few minutes each day, and I’m convinced it helped ease the pain of her joints and arthritis. In 2005, Moses was 18 years old but was still going strong, even for as quiet and understated as this former feral cat was. I apparently had things to do in the kitchen and couldn’t go outside with her, but I had the deck exits blocked and she liked the warmth that pooled right by the door even on a cold sunny morning. As the sun moved, so would she, but she had to come back in eventually. So sweet, my gently little gray tabby girl.


Wrong Color Camouflage, 2007

cat watching birds
Cookie doesn’t really “blend” with her environment, but it works for her nonetheless.

Cookie truly believes she’s used her environment to her best advantage in stealthily monitoring the doves on the feeder. It’s unfortunate that Cookie’s feline color perceptions can’t really tell that pink and green does not mask black and orange, but what do I know, I’m just a human, and humans are famous for not seeing what’s important. I’m sure the doves can’t see her in any case, and most of the birds who visit these feeders seem to be aware that a window is between themselves and the cats who are watching them.


Silly Mewsette and Her Mama Mimi, 2008

Mewsette being very silly.
Mewsette being very silly.

Mewsette is very silly. She is so convinced she is camouflaged by the Christmas cactus that she is hanging over the edge of the wardrobe like the plant. Why is she doing this? Because her mom is stalking her! The two get into a happy slapfest and then most likely give in to the warm spring sun and have a nap.

Mimi has to play.
Mimi has to play.



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Kelly in Forget-me-Nots Feline Photo Card.
Kelly in Forget-me-Nots Feline Photo Card.

Kelly’s a little foreshortened, but it’s a good view of her face and those brilliant green eyes; even without the reflection of lush vegetation, Kelly’s eyes are like gems, though the reflected greenness is giving them an extra touch here. Read more and order.


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