From the Archives: Cat Laundry, 2005

cat in basket
That’s an interesting piece of laundry.

That’s an interesting item in my laundry basket. Wonder what it is?

Perfectly fills the basket.

cat in basket
Perfect fit.

I should have guessed. I still get this expression when I disturb my cats with this silly habit of taking photos. Too bad it’s so blurry!

cat in basket
That expression.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on this date?


Annual Exams, 2013
two black cats in exam
Jelly Bean whispers something into Giuseppe’s ear.

Jelly Bean gives Giuseppe a little moral support while his veterinarian attempts to listen to his heart and lungs, covering his nose to try to stop his purr for a few seconds at least. Ironically, Jelly Bean’s brotherly love probably made him purr harder!

We turned our kitchen into an exam room this afternoon as our veterinarian and her veterinary technician arrived for the feline family’s annual exams. I’ll be writing more about this a little later, but for now, everyone is well but has gained a bit of weight, except Mimi who has lost a tooth and a few ounces. Emeraude’s combo FIV/FeLV test was negative, which was expected, and she’s doing well but showing signs of renal failure. All in all, it’s quite positive. This house call veterinarian has been caring for my feline family for nearly 20 years, and that’s been a lot of cats.

All kitties were well-behaved and charming during their exams. We even had a little waiting area with the two dining chairs lined up against the cabinet. Below, Mewsette has her exam as Giuseppe supervises, Jelly Bean muses, Sunshine possesses the magic doctor bag on one chair and Mimi waits her turn on the other chair.

five black cats in exams
All five participate in the household exams.

Read about the whole-house exams from 2012 and 2011.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Shades of Brown and Black
black cat from behind
Mewsette watches in shades of brown and black.

. . . . . . .

Fun in the Sun, 2012
two black cats in sun and shadow
Fun in the Sun

The morning fog burned off and suddenly a dull and dreary morning turned into a full schedule of fun in the sun—bathing, hanging out together and chasing one’s tail, or your brother’s if that’s what’s presented, as Giuseppe and Jelly Bean demonstrate. I love the silhouettes against the floor, and also the reflected light that just defines them enough.

. . . . . . .

Showing Off, 2012
black cat on door
Jelly Bean shows off.

Seeing movement out of the corner of my eye I turned around to see…Bean standing on the top edge of the door! He loves to show off like this and walks around on the edge of the door as if it’s the floor.

Here, however, he’s looking into the reflection in the glass on the painting near him on the wall, and I sincerely hope he doesn’t think it’s a place he can step into, like Alice.

I had to help him down, though. I’ve never seen him on this door, and I couldn’t figure out how he got there because there is precious little to leap from anywhere near. But he had apparently jumped up from the tiniest little spot on a table on the other side of the doorway, and aiming to get back down was apparently too much of a challenge. I rolled my chair over to him, which is actually tall and used for a drafting table, but it’s black and he apparently couldn’t see it well enough. So I got up and lifted him off the edge of the door.

Then I moved things on the little table he’d jumped from and another near the door. Best just to be prepared for him next time! And I can’t…well, no I can wait to see what he gets into next!

. . . . . . .

From the Archive: Hide and Seek, 2011
cat in weeds
Find the tortie in this picture.

Tortie Cookie blends in with the autumn abundance of overgrowth in my garden last year on October 1, 2011, the golden late-afternoon sun contrasting with the deep patterns and giving Cookie the perfect camouflage. She is well aware she is camouflaged and is looking right at me because she wants me to find her. If I did not, she would find me, or she would emerge from her hiding place…

cat in weeds
I’m right here!

. . . . . . .

From the Archive: One Undercover, 2011
two cats on bed
One Undercover

It’s feeling a little chilly for the first time this year, chilly enough for Giuseppe to find his winter napping spot—underneath whichever bedspread is currently on the bed. Here, he and Mr. Sunshine are curled back to back, even though G is under the quilt and S on top, a happy situation on a cold, rainy October afternoon.

Funny, that’s pretty much what it’s like today, weatherwise and catwise…some things never change.

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cats and kittens
Gallery view of Pittsburgh CAT cats for adoption.

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