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From the Archives: August 31, 2007

four black kittens
It’s a free for all!

Seven years ago today, this is what the Curious Quartet looked like, just about one month old, and they’ve totally trashed their playroom once again. Last year I just happened to be flipping through pictures in this folder and thought I should share the cuteness of a day with black kittens and their mom.

You’re not going to show that one where they’re nursing while I eat, are you?

Well, Mimi, I felt really bad for you not ever being able to get a bite to eat without kittens nursing from you.

That’s all well and good, but I look horrible. And that one where I look like a beached whale and I’m showing every nipple on my belly?

Mimi, you are one cat who no one could ever describe as a beached whale. You’re just having a rest while your kittens admire you.

Do you have to?

In the interests of total disclosure, yes.

I’m so embarrassed.

Mimi, everyone knows that’s not what you look like now. Everyone will be glad you’re not having babies anymore! And you are beautiful!

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And here’s the pile from last night, a little bigger, but still cuddle buddies, and please note that Mimi is neither nursing nor looking like a beached whale.

five black cats
Keeping me company during a late night.

Where have I been? Kind of admitting I’m not as young as I used to be! And unexpectedly busy. An 1,800-0iece customer mailing was scrambled by the mail house on Monday and I spent parts of Monday and Tuesday running back and forth between the mail house and the customer, and more time helping sort the mailing according to their proprietary list—hours and hours. Plus a few pickups at WPHS and releases of said cats, or attempts at least, plus a new foster, and you’ll be reading about those kitties soon. I’ve also met with a few customers concerning their portraits and you’ll see those soon as well. A good bit of what I did this week was pushed off from last week when I was preparing for my art exhibit and was out all weekend.

I also had some residual effects on my hands, arms and shoulders from framing, in just two days, the 16 pieces that were in that exhibit as well as aggravating a pinched nerve in my right shoulder from the same heavy use as well as working at my easel with my arm in the air unsupported; I could barely turn my head or lift my right arm, and it kind of felt as if it was detachable, like a doll arm. I have always had tendonitis in my hands and arms, even before I began using a computer, and I need to be careful all the time that I don’t do any further damage than has been done by repetitive motion syndrome, and one of the first things I do is abridge my computer time and my art and crafting time for a bit to avoid overuse of fine motor movements in my hands. It all sounds pretty scary but as long as I’m reasonable about what I do everything comes out fine. All that framing in a short period of time really set it off, and each time I sat down to prepare posts I would work for a short time and the stiffness and pain would begin to return. Today, finally, I feel fine. Just so I don’t try to make up for it all in one day! Thanks to Dr. Michelle for helping me to get things done earlier this week when I could barely move my right arm.

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3 thoughts on “From the Archives: August 31, 2007

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    it is a free for all N we loves it. happee day oh no labor guys N we hope mom B iz feelin better. tell her ta wrap her shoulder in perch. her will be fit aza fiddle in noe time N smellin grate two !!!

  • bluemoonalone

    Thanks for all the kitten pictures..I am having a bad case of kitten fever here and you are not helping one bit..LOL..Hey B…did you ever hear of a VACATION???..At least from blogging will we ever see all of the beautiful things inside your head if you don’t take care of yourself…we promise to still be here if you need a break..Hugs..

  • Naturally we love all the kitty pics 🙂
    Hard to work there when they want to sleep 😉 heehee
    Happy to hear you are feeling better.
    Sounds like a week to forget 😮
    Good that it is over.
    Take a lesson from the kitties and have a good snooze!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and the mom


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