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From the Archives: Afternoon in the Garden, 2009

tortoiseshell cat and black cat in garden
Cookie and Mimi enjoy an afternoon in the “garden”.

Cookie and Mimi were probably just enjoying the sun on this day in 2009, but I also appreciated them keeping others’ prying paws from my precious tomato seedlings reaching for the sun on the table by this window.

I have no idea what the conversation was about that I interrupted, but I noticed them deep in some communication, facing each other and slowly blinking their eyes and shifting a bit now and then. I tried to photograph them in the act, but they turned to look at me and the spell was broken. They looked lovely nonetheless, two lady friends enjoying a pleasant afternoon.

Cookie always liked my little indoor “garden” on this table and regularly sat sunning herself, nibbling grass and just hanging out all the years she was here. Mimi began hanging with Cookie as soon as she entered the house, but in the spring of 2009, Mimi’s job of raising the Four pretty well done, she apparently wanted some adult company. What a wonderful friendship these two had, and I think of it each time Mimi sits on my lap and looks up at me.

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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6 thoughts on “From the Archives: Afternoon in the Garden, 2009

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  • What a timeless scene. Could be in any era. Love the misty look of it. One of my favorite photos of my beloved Bo is sitting in a window full of ferns (at a friends house as real plants don’t do well in my house with the cats and my brown thumb.

    • Teri, years of cats have sat here, even though the window and the cabinet and the plants have changed. My digital camera at that time wasn’t good with bright highlights and tended to flash them out which softened the edges in the rest of the photo, usually a problem, but sometimes, like this, it worked. My indoor garden has been a part of my life since college. I have only a few plants now, some of them in this photo were decades old, and these Five have done the rest in.

      What I like most about this is the camaraderie between Mimi and Cookie that was developing, and I feel very loved.

  • Bernadette, it never ceases to amaze me that your plants can co-exist, and even thrive, with a houseful of cats.
    How I envy you for that! I would like to have plants, but it’s out of the question. They must look too snacky.
    If you have any tricks, like maybe group therapy (?), please pass them along.

    • Meg, it actually hasn’t worked out as well as it used to–no more seedlings in the house, most of those plants are either long-gone or temporarily indoors for the winter. The last family of cats was not so interested but the Five consider them handy snacks. The few I have indoors now can’t wait to be back outside.


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