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Friday Four or More: Cat Loaves Rising and Cat Flowers!

Ready for duty!
Ready for duty!

Well, so much for my worktable! The photo above and post below from the end of May 2017 depict a typical day in my studio where most or all of my cats would join me, as you see above—the Four plus Basil, who was convinced he was one of them. Mimi is in the room too as you’ll see below, and even Hamlet joined us for a while. It’s likely Bella was on the wardrobe out on the landing—and if not, she was there in spirit as I sewed button eyes on the tote bags I had printed with her image! And that would be everyone in the household at that point in time, moving through their baths and naps and requests for affection, and Mr. Sunshine stealing my tools, with a few extras from other years.

Then the cat flower! And other group photos and a few lovely singles, all from the last week of May through the years, scroll down to enjoy.


A Rollicking Weekend in the Studio, 2017

Neatly packed in their baskets.
Neatly packed in their baskets.

“I thought I might work here today. Guess I’ll have to find something else to do.”

The party began on Thursday when I needed to begin touching up, creating, tagging, labeling, packing and otherwise working with the merchandise for Sunday’s event. It really doesn’t surprise me any more when I set up my display and items have no price tags or information, so I aspire to go through everything each time, at least for these first few events of the year.

But you can see I likely didn’t get too far with that exercise, except for things I could do without the table, which was to check over items in plastic bins and hold the ones that needed some work.

To say I love it when my cats share my studio with me is an understatement. From the very first, decades ago, I know they sensed my joy in what I was doing in my studio and joined me in whatever way they were comfortable, sometimes sitting on the windowsill or a chair and watching me, sometimes getting paws in the action if it was safe, and sometimes observing from a safe distance, just being in the milieu of happy energy. For all the cats I’ve rescued, fostered and socialized, I will always believe that their joy in sharing my joy in the studio was an important part of socializing and integrating everyone into a family of felines, my “creative cats”.

The very next day I really had to use the table to touch up the finishes on a few keepsake boxes and add labels to a few others, and pack some prints.

“We’re not sure why we’re here, we just heard we were needed in the studio.”
All 8 are in here. I always knew my cats liked to be with me when I was happy in my studio. Just wish they’d leave room for me. (This means it’s playtime, then boxes on the floor for naps.)

Called to the studio.
Called to the studio.

And that’s just what I ended up doing—playing with them to lure them off the table, then placing boxes around on the floor for them to tuck themselves into, which did actually work. Because I had to print a very special item…

“Ah, my order of tote bags is in and ready for printing! My supurrvisory staff have permitted me a small space on my worktable and are prepared for duty. Mimi’s like, ‘I’m not going to have to stay up all night again, am I?’ “

Preparing for printing.
Preparing for printing.

Mimi found a solution to that, however.

“Mimi has decided to make a nest in the shipping box with leftover packing peanuts and have a nap instead. It’s purrfectly Mimi-sized.”

Mimi nests in the packing peanuts.
Mimi nests in the packing peanuts.

And then on Saturday morning when I wanted to continue tagging and packing things…

“We’re all ready!
This morning. “

Ready for duty!
Ready for duty!


Five in the studio, sleeping.
Five in the studio, sleeping.

I ran some errands and came back to it later.

“A friend gave me this tee about 25 years ago. Sometimes when I go to clean up at the bathroom sink I look at myself in the mirror and see that I’ve been literally immersing myself in my work. Mimi insisted upon adding a little fur to it too. “

The "creative kitten" tee.
The “creative kitten” tee.

Finally, getting to the fun part.

“Sewing buttons on each bag while Mimi gives herself a luxury bath on the rest of the bag and she I’m honored she wants to be close to me, I guess.”

Mimi bathing on the bag while I attempt to sew buttons on it.
Mimi bathing on the bag while I attempt to sew buttons on it.

I enjoyed all the moral support, and I did manage to get everything ready!


. . . . . . .

Studio Cats, 2012

two black cats in studio
Bean yawns as Mimi looks bored to tears.

Sorry to bore you, Jelly Bean, as I earn your daily bread!

Mimi sits over on the windowsill looking dazed and confused.

Am I the only one around here having a productive day?

But then, what is a productive day for a cat?

Actually, both of them are miffed at me because I wouldn’t let them on my work table. Sorry, black cats, other people don’t find your fur charming when it’s framed into their pictures. You only want to be on the table when I’m using it, otherwise you have no interest.

You know I eventually lost this argument, as you can see below when Mr. Sunshine took over my framing tools.

black cat playing with tools
Mr. Sunshine can use two tools at once.

My mom thinks I’m helping her work, but I’m actually doing a lot of the work myself. Look how well I’m handling both the spool of that really fun plastic-coated wire—and you know how I love my plastic—at the same time as I am tasting one of those long metal things. I can do this! Just lay everything out in front of me and I’ll take care of things.

Everything must be tasted; mom laughs and says I relate the the world by chewing on it. I don’t know what that means because how else could I determine anything about an object I’ve never seen? Or one I have seen but haven’t seen in a while? Or one I see all the time but just feel like I have to bite it?

I even let mom use my tools as long as I’m not using them already.

Here I am when the work is all done. I’m very proud of my work.

black cat with tools
Mr. Sunshine is proud of his tools.

Feline logic, it just can’t be argued with.


The Rare and Precious Kitty Flower, 2013

five black cats in the shape of a flower
Look what I found on my bed–a kitty flower!

Just like the blue forget-me-nots and yellow buttercups and pink cranesbill geraniums and my old pink pasture rose, a precious five-petaled black flower bloomed on my bed this afternoon.

I find it blooms most often on cool and cloudy days, and even sometimes in the winter.

In the photo below, Mr. Sunshine is in the middle and he is also one of the petals at about 12:00, then clockwise it’s Bean, Mimi, Giuseppe and Mewsette.

five black cats
The Cat Flower from above.

And below, a slideshow of the flowers mentioned above, taken in my yard under the supervision of several different kitties.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Am I Interrupting Something? 2012

This may be the first time I called them “The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse!”

four black cats
A meeting was apparently called…

Hmmm, came around the landing at the bottom of the steps and looked up…not sure what they’re up to. This is not long after I “rescued” the mousie they were wrestling over and chasing around the house, put it outside, and called them the “Four Housecats of the Apocalypse”. Perhaps they don’t like the name.

Or, from another perspective, perhaps they are discussing what to get me for Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Think I’ll leave them alone to figure it out.


This Week’s Feline Activities on Facebook, May 26, 2012

This was when I was trying to work out how I’d share my posts on other social media here on The Creative Cat. How that has changed over the years!

four black cats looking out window
Let us at him!

A roundup of this week’s feline updates on Facebook in no particular order

Mimi just hurried in here apologizing and offering figure-8s around my ankles after discovering I have been working unsupervised in my studio for who-knows-how-long (I don’t want to let her know it was at least an hour).

Well, all seven of us are here at the desk this morning, six of them–usually there’s at least one somewhere else–and one of me. And it’s a beautiful morning.

This morning’s entertainment on Cat TV: a nice and apparently tasty-looking squirrel right outside the open window trying to get to the bird feeders, but I trimmed branches around them so the squirrel can’t easily get to the feeders anymore so the squirrel is frantic and getting mad.

Mimi just exchanged some pretty choice words with three shiny black grackles in the back yard, any one of which looked as big as her. But she told them. I have no idea what she told them, or what the grackles said in return, but I’m sure it wasn’t something I’d repeat.

Mr. Sunshine, that pretty little flash drive sitting on my desk is *my* toy, not yours! (inscrutable feline expression, “your toy?”)


. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Warm and Cool, 2016

Warm and Cool
Warm and Cool

So how many colors are in a black cat? I see many colors in Giuseppe, especially the warm sunlight flowing in the window and the cool blue light reflected from the sky right next to it, along with all his wonderful mahogany and burgundy and even green and purple tones in his fur. Black, like white, contains many colors. But I don’t think Giuseppe cares at all about what colors are in his fur. I think he’s thinking about Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite on the beginning of this Memorial Day weekend.

Not at all like Mewsette, below, from 2014.

. . . . . . .

Other Photos Posted On or Around This Date…

Wordless Wednesday: Surprise, 2014

black cat peaking over edge


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Feline Artwork from Portraits of Animals!

"Studio Morning Shift", pastel on black pastel paper, 9 x 12 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
“Studio Morning Shift”, pastel on black pastel paper, 9 x 12 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

“I actually had a different image planned for today but Mimi, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine were totally enchanting getting organized in the best cuddle pile on my drafting table by the window, the light was wonderful, and, well, here you are.” The original painting is sold but I use this image on gift items as well, like the votive lamp below.

handmade votive lamp
Studio Morning Shift votive lamp

Click either image to visit the product post on Portraits of Animals (scroll down to find the votive lamps).


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