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Friday Four: Four on the Bed, 2016

four black cats and one gray cat on bed
Four on the Bed

I did love to see them lined up in the kitchen, but the first place I saw them form a cluster was the four on the bed in the afternoon. Here you see Jelly Bean on the left, Giuseppe next to him in the back, Mr. Sunshine in front of Giuseppe, all looking at me, and then Mewsette on the right studying Ophelia, Hamlet’s sister, in front of the pillows.

From the time they were older kittens they settled on the bed for their afternoon nap, and also any time I was in the studio and especially using the work table they’d end up next door in my bedroom while I made a mess in the studio. It’s the familiar big black cluster on the bed, lots of photos and sketches of them too, all the ears poking up and then the eyes lined up, looking at me. Just an everyday group of black cats having their afternoon nap. It’s a good memory.

So you might guess by “Friday Four” in the title this is another category for my daily photos. I was in advertising for 40 years and writing catchy headlines is a skill I’ve always had close at hand. Seeing these four—and more—together, and also twos and threes, in unused photos through the years I thought I’d just put those photos to use with on a regularly-scheduled day of the week. As I’ve been putting posts together Friday has been a day without a theme but because I loosely feature individual cats a good bit of the time on other weekdays I’d been saving group photos for Friday and sometimes Wednesday. I had posted From the Archives, unused photos from past years, on Saturday and Vintage Photos, taken on film, on Sunday, for years, but stopped last year for photos of the Four whenever I needed to. I want to resume those because I still have plenty of photos of my feline family through the years back to the 80s.

All this scheduling just helps me be more efficient. When I started posting until about five years ago my daily photos were really from that day. Then with increased vendor shows and big chunks of time taken up I decided to start posting certain themes on set days of the week. Thinking of Flashback Friday, going into the weekend, Friday Four fits for me. Alliteration makes a great headline, and here we are.

The photos below are pretty fun too, and there’s even another cluster on the bed too! Hope you had a great week, and will have an even better weekend!


From around this date in past years

Skeptical, 2020

Two black cats

Some days it feels as if Mercury goes retrograde just for me. Mewsette and Jelly Bean are mad at this Mercury thing too and if it flew by they’d catch it and eat it. Luckily for our solar system they didn’t need to do that.

I’m celebrating the return of my DSLR with way too many photos. I’m so happy to have them turn out as I visualize them. But I did have an interesting weekend with my Virtual Open House, just a little disappointing. My websites had an update in underlying software that continually caused an error in The Creative Cat and affected all the others in my account, including Portraits of Animals, so people visited, but then the site would slow down and stop. We did figure it out by Sunday evening, but I”m holding off on the rest of my new things because that took so much time.

So what’s for lunch?

What’s for lunch?

Somehow I can’t focus with that one eye watching me.

Can you see it?

Bella and Sienna assess my performance in this morning’s physical therapy. The orange thing is the tension band I use to give my legs some extra resistance. I get the feeling they are not impressed.

Assessing my PT.

Fancy boys sharing a few moments of sun.

Normally I like to share the photos I’ve posted on social media that aren’t cats, but I’m working out networking between computers, and until I get that resolved I won’t be able to unless I add them later—which I might do! In the meantime, please visit and you’ll see them all there.

From around this date in past years

Why is Mariposa So Cute? 2019

Mariposa being cute.
Mariposa being cute.

If it’s not the big purrfectly round green eyes with purrfect eyeliner, or the fluffy white mittens, or the loooong whiskers far wider than she is, or the way she talks to herself when she plays, or the way she snuggles up to each of the other cats and they take her in, or the fact that just short of a year ago she was living in a filthy abandoned house with some pretty mean cats and I have no idea how she learned how to manipulate the world to her liking, I couldn’t tell you what’s so special about Mariposa. I thought I’d give you a taste of the cuteness I have to endure.

I also have sooo many photos I’ve taken of her with my DSLR, which I prefer, and haven’t had the time to process them lately. I’ve finished a number of things and now I can catch up, with Mariposa and many other things.


From Facebook and Instagram

I even missed a week on social media too.



This has pretty much been the scene all week, I work in the studio, they settle in the room next door because, of course, they can’t leave me entirely alone up here.

Six on the bed while I work in the studio.
Six on the bed while I work in the studio.


Go away human, we’re discussing important cat things. (Should I be worried?)


The Homeless Cat Management Team/Pittsburgh C.A.T. Spaghetti Dinner!

Display at the Spaghetti Dinner.
Display at the Spaghetti Dinner.


Baff time. Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette are having a synchronized bath as only siblings can do. Mariposa has more work to do with all that hair.

Baff time.
Baff time.


I know you’re both innocent, but what was that noise we all just heard coming from where you are?

Mariposa and Basil

Bella is not properly supervising me by napping all day, but I have managed to be productive nonetheless.

Photos from previous years.

Mimi in the Cat Book Library, and a Beautiful Morning, 2018

Keeping watch on the books.
Keeping watch on the books.

Mimi took her turn in the cat book library today, watching the neighborhood out the door. She fits purrfectly in that little spot. I’ve been planning to put a shelf there so the books don’t get worn since everyone likes to spend time there. Below is another view of Mimi, but the cat tunnel in the mirror isn’t so nice. This is all after we had a nice adventure out in the back yard, below that.

Mimi on the books.
Mimi on the books.

Mimi loves her “real” cat tree out in the back yard. I still haven’t had the last section of the wild black cherry tree removed. I hope to get it removed now that the weather has finally turned warm, and we hope it stays that way. But until then, we have to visit the tree every day.

Standing with tail.
Standing with tail.

My camera decided to focus on the grapevine as Mimi was walking along, but I like the way it looks. It’s Mimi in her favorite space, kind of dreamy, part of the environment.

Walking through the forsythia.
Walking through the forsythia.

While Mimi was exploring her favorite spaces, I was exploring mine with my camera. It was a blue and yellow and green morning. I am so happy to finally have flowers to photograph.


What other photos have I shared on this date?


What’s Out There? 2017

What’s out there?

I have no idea what we are intently watching but I just whispered, “What’s out there?” and Mimi turned slightly and whispered, “Murf”, like, “Shut up.”

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  • It’s wonderful they all got along so well they could share a space like that.

    Thank you for linking up with Feline Friday!

  • Brian's Home ~ Forever

    That is such a cool photo but it looks like 5 kitties to me.

    • You’re right, my title was confusing. There are five cats there because Ophelia is there, which I mentioned in the text but not my title. I always called the four siblings “the four” for short so I should have titled it “The Four on the Bed” or “The Four on the Bed Plus Ophelia” or something. Of course, my thoughts are pretty much on them for now.

    • And thank you for always taking the time to visit and comment. I really appreciate it!


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