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Four-Leaf Kitties, Happy Day Before St. Patrick’s

four black cats
Four-Leaf Kitties

Could I pose them like this? Never! I just follow them around with my camera. Actually, this is another one of those photos that happens while I am unaware and focused working at my computer, and because I am still and quiet while I’m working all the cats settle down. Then I take a break, turn around and there they are. I can’t tell you how many photos happen that way.

Giuseppe is at 12:00 with his head turned upside down and his paws in the air, Mewsette is curled at 3:00, Jelly Bean at 6:00, Mr. Sunshine at 9:00 using Giuseppe as a pillow.

Right now, the time is a little past Mewsette.

And though this is St. Patrick’s Week for photos with green and kitties, this photo fits in the theme even without green for two reasons: first, the kitties are in shape for it, and they certainly are my lucky charm; and, second, there’s a little scrap of an orange bag under them, and I know orange is certainly not the color of St. Patrick, but it is on the Irish flag.

Besides that, it was the orange bag that started it all—I placed it on my chair to pack it with stuff, and when I turned around Giuseppe was in it, then he decided to curl up and take a nap. I moved bag and Giuseppe to the floor and got another bag.

Through the course of that day and the next, all five of the black kitties cycled through the bag in ones and twos and threes, using it as a fort, a bed, and a bath house, then finally in this perfect foursome. And because I used a flash for this photo because there was so much blur without it you can clearly see the difference in fur color—Giuseppe and Jelly Bean have short fur like their mother and are distinctly brown like her, while Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine are a denser black and have longer fur like one of the studs with good genetics chosen carefully by Mimi.

Four lucky kitties!


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4 thoughts on “Four-Leaf Kitties, Happy Day Before St. Patrick’s

  • purrrrrrrrrsie meowsie! great picture…wish I was brave enuff to cuddle with other cats like that…sigh…maybe someday…right now just tryin’ to get better at cuddles with Mom…we luv your blog and cool art…thanks lots…have a pawstively pawfect weekend…Savannah

    • Some kitties never get there, and some of them take a lifetime, but if you are meant to you will. It may take a very special kitty. You have a great weekend too!

  • there is so much I love about this picture…maybe your words as much…you can really tell the difference between them without looking at their faces?
    My guys are so different looking… even Fatty & Cosmo – the long haired orange guys – they never sleep in 4’s

    • This group of four are siblings, but I’ve seen siblings not get along so well–nor look so much alike! Yes, except for rare circumstances like total darkness, I can always tell them apart.


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