Found Artwork, a Sketch of Stanley

pencil sketch of striped cat sleeping curled
Stanley Sleeping Curled, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

I’ve been working my way through my desk and studio, cleaning up and organizing, and in my studio I found a sketchbook I’d used years ago.

These are examples of the quick sketches I do to awaken my creative senses during the day. This was the sketchbook I kept at my desk in order to have it handy for quick sketches. All the sketches are of my cats except for the bird’s nest at the end, and all are pencil, my favorite medium.

I have no idea when I did this first sketch—it’s of my Stanley curled  and sleeping. He must have moved his paw while I was sketching or he had his paws together; he would do that sometimes with those white mittens of his. I lost Stanley in January 2007, so this was prior to that. How good to see him again and remember a morning when he was still with me, as were several others, and he was relaxed and sleeping comfortably. I could never resist his stripes and sketched him repeatedly to capture those!

This is the same sketchbook where I drew Stanley in “Stripes” and Sophie in  “In the Box“. Other sketches I’ll be featuring include Cookie, Nikka and Namir.

Pencil is very difficult to scan or photograph. I photographed the sketch for this, and you can see the dark area to the top and right where the light is uneven. When I scanned it I lost all the small details. I may have more luck photographing on a day that’s got more light.

When all is done here, I will offer these sketches for sale; on rare occasions I offer them, framed, for art auctions to benefit animal shelters. I have plain black frames for them, and either use plain mat board or a color.


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3 thoughts on “Found Artwork, a Sketch of Stanley

  • January 31, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Bernadette, what a wonderful sketch. Stanley is a handsome, loving boy!

    • February 1, 2010 at 10:12 am

      As he got older, then really old, I used to tell him, “Stanley, you’re the best!” and he would look at me, “You mean me?!” He was a real problem child for most of the years he was with me, but I couldn’t help forgive him the issues he’d developed from abuse before he arrived with me. What a joy to find a sketch of him after he’s been gone several years, brings those sweet mornings right back.

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