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Foster Adoption Update: Selina

Selina ventures upstairs as she grows accustomed to her new home.
Selina ventures upstairs as she grows accustomed to her new home.

Yes, this was Alvina, but now she has her forever name in her forever home: Selina, named for Catwoman Selina Kyle. Selina was definitely the adventurer here, so I’m sure she thinks that’s a fine name!

I knew the transition wouldn’t be easy for Selina because she had taken longer than her brothers to socialize, and had only just begun sleeping on my lap and next to me at night. Moving to her forever home could be traumatic, so she’d need a little special handling when she got there. I’m so grateful her adopters listened to my cautions.

We discussed keeping her confined for a few days until she was accustomed to being in a new place. I heard that the first night she crouched in a box and trembled and wouldn’t eat. The next morning she was still frightened, but by the time they returned home from work she was in her bed and purring and having her humans come to her. I’m so glad her adopters took the advice seriously to keep in mind her feral early kittenhood, and how that can affect cats at stressful times, and times of change. If she’s purring and even tentatively accepting friendship and has only been there a little less than 24 hours, then she’ll fine in much less time than I’d feared.

A message the next day reported she was purring and friendly, then the next day she began to explore the house little by little each day. The photo at the top was about a week after she’d arrived when she went upstairs to look around.

Below is the photo in which her adopter introduced Selina as the newest member of the family. I have since seen a few more as Selina is the cherished kitten her adopter was looking for. It just makes my heart sing to see a formerly frightened little bean just let it all go and enjoy her new life.

Now named Selina, Alvina is very much loved and the center of a household, not the holiday decorations!
Now named Selina, Alvina is very much loved and the center of a household, not the holiday decorations!

And yes, she was adopted two weeks before Halloween and did not become a holiday decoration. She’s in for life!

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6 thoughts on “Foster Adoption Update: Selina

  • Oh happy day!
    We are delighted Selina is in a good home and is getting lots of love.
    WE wish her a wonderful life 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    • Georgia and Julie, I’m sure now she found the right home and she’s happy. She is very treasured by her person, and her person’s husband of course!

  • bluemoonalone

    Selina must feel so happy to have humans that are all her own…

    • Bluemoonalone, I’m sure she does! The boys paired off and she often often watched birds by herself, and then she started spending time with me so she was all ready for her own household.

    • So do I, Pilch92., especially for one I wasn’t sure would be happy with a kitty who started out a little less socialized.


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