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Forget-me-nots, and a Spring-themed Greeting Card

photo of cat behind lace curtain with forget-me-nots
Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things

The forget-me-nots are beginning to bloom as they grow taller more quickly, an inch or two each day, in the pots in the windowbox under my dining room window. Each year when I transplant them from the yard and put the pots in place I remember Sophie and this particular beautiful moment. I’ll always be happy I managed to catch it in a quick little snap on my first tiny digital camera as I left the house one evening in spring several years ago.

Sophie was in one of the windows when I left and when I returned in all seasons, and she always managed to use the curtains to dramatic advantage. This is one of my fondest memories of her, nestled in the creamy lace, and now that she is gone the forget-me-nots have a special meaning for me.

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10 thoughts on “Forget-me-nots, and a Spring-themed Greeting Card

  • Dear Bermadette, I truly believe you were meant to capture both the pure beauty and innocense of your Sopie draped in the dreamy and delicate lace of the curtains with the legendary symbololism of the pecious Forget-Me-Nots. Mother Nature was certainly giving you a nod of encouagment to continue with your soulful work. Love and big kitty kisses, Angel

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    • Lemony, thank you, it was a one in a million chance, I’m so glad I got it.

  • Funny how echoes of them linger, Bernadette — in their toys, their favorite snooze spots, or even in flowers, as Sophie does for you in the forget-me-nots. There’s a laser toy tin the closet that the cats could care less about: but it stays because Phoenix adored it and used to do these Baryshnikov leaps after the beam. And I have four pale-yellow Solstice roses that remind me of Solstice. Not thats she ever saw them. But they appeared in a gardening catalogue a few months after her death, and I planted them in the little garden where her presence is strongest.
    I love the tones in this — the richness of the blue against that cream-colored lace….

  • Forget-me-nots are my favorite flower, too – and in the same photo with a cat – it doesn’t get any better than this! Beautiful.

    • Ingrid, I remember that about forget-me-nots, and this photo especially is one of my best beloved images for just those reasons.


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