Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Feline Entertainment Center

four black cats on boxes
Feline Entertainment Center

They’ve made the most out of these boxes of UPS shipping materials. The white one is looking pretty sad, but still holding up the weight of at least two cats. Mr. Sunshine is in front, trying to make something happen with a big crumpled paper I tossed for him, Mewsette is on the lower box by the window where she can watch birds, Mr. Sunshine and her mom and Jelly Bean on top of the top box; her true goal is to retake the top box and cuddle with her mom again as she did the other day. Jelly Bean and Mimi have thoroughly bathed each other and are resting on top of the white box.

Really, it doesn’t take much to give cats a change in their environment, and I’m pretty glad about that. My house is tiny—660 square feet, including the basement—and we live here and work here and have years worth of business records, a room of art and craft materials, lots of books, boxes of photos, and bins and boxes of finished merchandise. There isn’t a whole lot of room for cat-specific things.

But various boxes and containers are always coming and going—printed materials for customers coming into the house to be delivered, boxes of merchandise that I change around seasonally at wholesale customers’ shops, paperwork being sorted from old records, inventory of this or that, packages to be shipped. No fancy cat furniture for these guys aside from a very old cat tree in the corner of the kitchen. Their scratching posts are sections of tree trunks and branches along with a few sisal-covered things hanging on doorknobs. Aside from that, all the furniture is theirs.

But as soon as new boxes come in I make them available for cat play, as with these two boxes. They have a few boxes of paperwork on the floor plus a box of USPS packaging stuff, and I thought they’d like a new perspective from a place they enjoy every day, on something they see every day—me and my office, and Cat TV.

It’s been nearly a week and they’re still pretty pleased with themselves.

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