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Featured Artwork: The Perfect Camouflage

“The Perfect Camouflage”, pastel on Canson Mi Tientes, 11″ x 16″, 1994 © B.E. Kazmarski
“The Perfect Camouflage”, pastel on Canson Mi Tientes, 11″ x 16″, 1994 © B.E. Kazmarski

This was something I thought all cat companions could relate to, human and feline. Sophie really thought I couldn’t see her because she thought she blended right in with the flowers. She almost had me fooled until I saw one of the flowers looking back at me and I knew I had to investigate. Her ulterior motive was to eat the flowers, something I hate to clean up after. This picture was intended to be one of a pair, because in the next picture she was delicately biting a leaf.

Early on in my painting career I always worked from photos. After my success with “Waiting for Mom” from a photo I’d taken just because Fawn was cute I began taking photos more intentionally, planning paintings. Naturally, this was what made a photographer out of me, but it also made me aware of how early in the process the visualization actually began.

I know I took the photo in late summer, though it may have been later than now. But either a storm knocked down a bunch of my zinnias or I decided to cut them back when they developed mildew, as the often did in my damp little back yard. I’d get much more enjoyment out of them in a vase in the house, and who knew, I might actually decide to paint a still life.

I still remember deciding to photograph the flowers for just that reason, and looking at them, then surprised to see Sophie looking back at me when she sat up a little taller. Of course, the subject of the proposed painting changed from the flowers to Sophie.

Photo reference for The Perfect Camouflage
Photo reference for The Perfect Camouflage

I painted this loose little painting in 1994, just a few years after we’d moved into this house. I never did the second painting because I thought I should change more of the painting than just Sophie for it to be interesting independent of the first. But that’s okay because I really like this one, and it’s all I really needed to share about the moment.

Today I would probably spell the title with “Purrfect”, but I named this one before I started adding anything remotely cat related into the titles of my works. And I already have that title in use and it might be confusing to change it mid-stream. This also means I can use the Purrfect title on something else.

I sold the original at my exhibit, “Everything is Beautiful” at a local Borders Bookstore in June 2001, which had no theme but was kind of a kitchen sink exhibit, everything I had at the time. Sales were good, and it was fun.

I have always offered this image as a greeting card. I had actually wanted to catch up with the purchaser of the original so that I could give it a good scan instead of using a photo of the painting and a scan I felt was inferior. But I have better editing tools now than I did previously and it looks surprisingly good after a few updates to that scan of the photo, so now I can offer prints as well.

Purchase a print or greeting card

I offer prints as:

  • digital prints on matte-finish art paper
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  • on canvas in standard sizes
  • as framed prints, as shown, and custom framing is available

I also offer it a 5 x 7 greeting card with a white envelope.

You can find  this art and more on Portraits of Animals. You can search the site for “The Perfect Camouflage” to find all the gift items I have in stock as well.

Featured Artwork

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  • Wonderful painting! You captured profoundly cat behavior. Love it!

    I host a link party that runs Thursday through Friday called Creative Compulsions. I’d like to invite you to link up your art.


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